Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trying to get our groove back

On the sixteenth day of Christmas (don't panic – I promise not to break into song), I find myself trying to get back into the routine of taking pictures and posting them here on this blog. What? You didn't know I took a blogcation? I did, though it was purely unintentional.

When I decided to rewrite the 12 Days of Christmas, I pretty much had to do it all in advance to make sure I could pull it off. So I figured out the verses, found or took the appropriate pictures, prepared and scheduled the posts, then twiddled my thumbs for almost two weeks while you sang along.

It seemed pretty strange at first, not sitting in front of the computer every night trying to figure out a post for the next day. I wasn't sure what to do with all those spare hours...then I remembered I had presents to buy, a Christmas dinner to plan, and a house to clean. Funny how all that extra time got used up.

Yesterday I came to the realization that the party was over and I'd better get my butt back in blogging gear. I went outside with my camera to see what might unfold.

George and Hank were scrounging for whatever tasty morsels they could find...

...when Alan told George he found buried treasure...

...but he could use a little help digging it up.

Then Alan caught a whiff of something...

...and George heard whatever Alan smelled...

and I stood around taking pictures, oblivious to what was going on behind me.

And as a blogger trying to get her groove back, I can't reveal the object of their attention right now. 
I've got to save that for tomorrow so that this blog will live to see another day.


  1. What a tease ... what a tease! LOL

    I'm glad you got some time off, but you've certainly not lost your touch as the pictures of the boys are great.

  2. uh oh!!! Did cyotes come to visit?
    or worse.............the IRS ;-)
    Theresa in Alberta

  3. Yep, I'm a firm believer in stretching out the photos and the story as long as possible. hee hee..... but I am wondering what the boys heard and saw and smelled. Oh, please do tell!


  4. I am, like the rest of your gang, all ears in anticipation!

  5. Love the big ears on high alert picture...and now, a cliff hanger in blogdom.

    Can't wait to see what was behind you!

  6. I love this set of pic' those ears! Happy New Year Carson. BTW - I've been making bread like crazzzzy.... I bet I've gained 10 lbs. Love it!

  7. You make me smile in the morning. Some people can go through life and never hear that.
    I would have to say it is a goal of mine. I have often thought I would like on my grave headstone "She made me laugh."
    So thank you & please keep it up.

  8. Oh...I can't wait until tomorrow!!! Look at those big ole ears! WOW!

  9. Waiting ... with baited breath (and curiosity).

  10. What fluffy ears in front of an amazing blue sky! And what a thrill to wait whats coming up there.


  11. See? A vacation is always good for the creative juices.

    Welcome back! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  12. Those are the CUTEST ears ever!

  13. Beautiful photos! So glad to see more..

  14. Hmmm...I smell a cat? And not the lap kind. Or coyotes?

  15. I've been a lurker on your blog for a long, long time. But I've finally been prompted to comment. What is the big deal about the ears? Yeah VERY cute. But you know what kills me each-and-every time?

    Alan's nostrils!

    I love them. They are so expressive and crack me up when they flare like that. Oh, you know something good is right around the corner when Linda Carson posts a flared-nostril picture. I'm in LOVE with that nose of his (and all the rest of him too).

  16. Oh, no! Lovely flared nostrils, beautiful feathery ears, and now you leave us hanging? This is as bad as waiting for the next day of Christmas!!!

    Nancy in Iowa (wishing for my own burro)

  17. that head shot of George is stunning!!!!! thanks for sharing with us :)

  18. I would think "coyote," but that's too predictable.
    Other equines?
    Chickens entering the hoof space?

  19. I'm still waiting to see the new haircut.

  20. Love the ear shot!! Glad you had some time off, hope you enjoyed the break during the holidays! Also, loved your 12 days of Christmas!

  21. Very suspenseful! Lovely photos!

  22. haha, so easy to lose focus when there are cute ears to look at!

  23. hello, my name is georgia and i'm a pigdog.

    my stay-at-home human is too shy to tell you her real name but she wants you to know that she started reading your blog only yesterday and can't stop. you have such beautiful pictures! and funny stories! plus a great cast of characters! plus you have snakes!...she LOVES snakes.

    i think she's going to follow you now for sure! have a GREAT day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    p.s. my out-at-work human doesn't want to read your blog because he's very jealous that you're living the life he dreams of. you have all the animals he wants [except maybe for the barn cats].