Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday encore ~ Thursday morning, a reenactment

Why am I re-posting this one? Because the same darned thing happened again last week...but this time Smooch escaped and was AWOL for half an hour. Will I ever learn? Maybe. The gate is now double-latched.

It was 6 a.m. I woke up, let Smooch out, and went back in the house to brush my teeth and get dressed. Elapsed time: about 10 minutes.

I walked out the back door with Smooch's breakfast in one hand and Wynonna's in the other.


Someone, who shall remain nameless, must not have latched the gate properly between the corral and the backyard.

Smooch, who NEVER shares the same space with the boys because I live in fear of her getting kicked in the head, is right in the thick of things, weaving in and out, running under them, and wondering what the heck they are doing in her yard. Mercifully, the dead lawn was such a temptation for Hank, Lyle, and George that they could care less about Smooch. Alan didn't want to get in trouble, so he stood in the corral watching all the drama. Wynonna was grunting for her breakfast, Willie was baahing for his, and I was having a coronary, until I could convince Smooch to come over to me, whereupon I scooped her up, tossed her in the house, and herded everybody back where they were supposed to be.

Then I made coffee.

The end.


  1. Wow ... what an adventure! Guess your life is never boring and glad to hear the gate is fixed.

  2. Opposable thumbs only make us superior if we use them to latch the gate.

  3. lmao. Yeah it only takes the right kick :C

  4. LOL... love the stick figures... such an artist you are!


  5. Oops!! That will get your heart rate and blood pressure up faster than a cup of old coffee any day!
    Theresa in Alberta

  6. I can't imagine Smooch wandering off without her trusty sidekick (you). It must have been a LONG half hour! Glad she's back.

  7. I love the drawings, they make the story so awesome!

  8. I try to not handle sharp items before I've had my wakeup cup of coffee either. Life is just too dangerous without caffeine.

  9. Glad she's back. For a minute there I thought those stick figures in the top left were coyote. Yikes!