Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outwitting the Porcine Princess

About a month ago, Lucy and Ethel moved the chicken coop from the garden to Wynonna's stall in the barn so that the girls would have a warmer and less windy place to roost for the winter. Since then, the pig and the poultry have been getting along just fine, if you can call totally ignoring each other getting along.

Late last week, I heard some particularly loud squawking coming from the barn and went to investigate. The Porcine Princess had invited herself into the coop for lunch, dumped over the feeder, gorged herself on Layena pellets, and made a general mess of things. Bull in a china shop – pig in a chicken coop, same idea. Wynonna suffered no ill effects from eating the chicken feed, thank goodness, but I knew I had to do something quick to prevent her from crossing over into the land of plenty ever again.

After a careful review of all my options, not the least of which 
was building a separate chicken wing onto the barn, I went for simplicity:

I screwed an old piece of wood to the bottom of the door frame.

Wynonna's short little legs can't climb over the plank, but the hens can still hop in and out.
And as long as I pay attention (yeah, right), I won't trip over it when I go inside.

Wynonna is less than pleased. 
I regularly find her standing at the doorstep, contemplating her next move.

I think she's smart enough to realize that if she tries to climb over, she would get high-centered.

But she's also smart enough to outwit me. If there's food involved, she'll figure out a way to get it. 
I wouldn't be at all surprised if she trains one of the chickens to bring the food to her.

Oh, Wynonna, you're such a clever creature. 
It's part of your charm, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Poor Wynonna, but I wonder how long it will be before she comes up with 'a plan'. You can see she's contemplating something standing there in the doorway.

    Question: How old is Wynonna and how long have you had her?

  2. I'd say the board is a hit! Maybe a painted line across the top in orange of red so you don't trip over it.

    Poor Wynonna, she looks rather dismayed by the situation. And hungry. Has she lost a couple pounds?

    ; )

    * Don't worry about Sunday's post. Take a day off!

  3. Oh, poor Wynonna. The pig who came to lunch. You know, girl, you have the bulk...you could just barrel through that little lunch road block AND save your mother from tripping on it next time she goes in and out!

    But then she'd probably put the chic food up high and you'd be back to square one again.

    Sigh. What's a hungry girl to do but waste away?

  4. Watch out for porcine princess nibble marks on the pig prevention plank...

  5. You had me laughing from the get go with the 'pig prevention plank'. Great idea... but oh poor Wynonna.


  6. Good idea with the pig prevention plank. I'm wondering if it will be enough for a thoroughly motivated smart, hungry pig.Let's hope she doesn't learn how to jump.

  7. Pat, Wynonna will be 15 in May. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old.

  8. LOL! Poor girl! What a ham.

  9. OMG that is so great...Pig Prevention Plank.

    Yes we can see the poor gal is starving. Poor thing. ;oD What a mug.

  10. I am sure when people look at pictures of my face they say "bless her heart". When I look at Wynonna's face, I can't help but think "bless her heart".
    I love reading about her and pictures of her.
    Wynonna I am thinking ramp. Get George to bring another board over.

  11. Oh I just love that girl. I would much rather deal with outwitting a pig than all these ground squirrels who gorge themselves on chicken feed every day:-/

  12. My guess would be, based on my interactions with my best friend's PBP--Wynonna will end up pushing the bit of wood off it's screws to get to the snacks.
    I hope she's far less destructive than he is.

  13. Foiled! So close and yet, so far away. This little dilemma should keep her mind active scheming for ways to get to all that yummy food. I'm reminded of the scene in Oliver Twist when all the hungry orphans sing "Food, glorious food."

    Word of warning: Watch your back around Peach. The tables can turn pretty quickly, my dear, and you may find yourself on the menu. Just sayin'....

  14. Wynonna always puts a smile on my face. Tell her I think she's ADORABLE!

  15. You just never know with animals.... Where there is a will (and food involved), there could be a way. Hope she doesn't do something unbelievable like the basset hound jumping round bales!

  16. Where there is a pig, there is a way!! LOL LOL
    When we had our potbelly she would always find a way too, they are so smart!

  17. More proof of just how clever and charming a Pig can be.

    But what about your bouquet of House Cats ? There hasn't been a post about them in months.

  18. Now I know why Wynonna was hinting to me this summer about "pig agility". If you're missing her someday, I'm sure she's at the local dog park training on the high jump. Then she can come home and really SCORE!

  19. Aww...Wynonna, you can either use your weight to push that dang board over or chew on it and rip it apart! I know you'll use your noggin to figure something out. :)

  20. Wynona is such a cutie! Don't feel bad if you trip over the board - I'd be one, too!

  21. She's so cute. I love that story

  22. She has the best face! You can just see her contemplating what to do...what to do... lol

  23. Ya know, I bet there is a market for the P3!

    Do you have to put up with problem pigs in the pantry? Can't keep the pigs in the pen? Then plunk down a few paltry pesos and purchase the perfect P3, Pig Prevention Plank, as a perfect plan for this predicament.

  24. I'm still laughing about your comment about remembering not to trip on the pig prevention plank.

    Given the shock therapy your getting from the Ipod, I will be a little worried about this new obstacle you have to maneuver. Just don't land on Wynonna!

  25. My husband raised hogs as a kid, and says now that they are almost too smart to eat. Like you said, the princess will find a way to get at the chicken's food.