Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday encore ~ Tricked

Halloween is not a major holiday at the 7MSN, perhaps owing to the fact that we don't get many any trick or treaters busting down our gate. Last year on Halloween, it snowed and I wrote the post below.

Doesn't seem quite fair to have to deal with snow in October.

Wynonna's worried that I won't take her trick or treating if the weather stays like this.

I told her she should worry instead about the task at hand – staying warm. She got busy spreading around the extra straw I put in her stall. She's very particular about her bedding and likes to push it around until it achieves the proper degree of fluffiness.

Back inside, Snapper grabbed the best seat in the house, atop the wooly and luxurious lamb pelt that I bought for myself and swore the animals would never be allowed to use. Smooch made several unsuccessful attempts to run him off.

Smooch thinks if she stares at me like this I will get her a lamb pelt of her own. She's probably right.

Nothing's going to come between Snapper and his soft and snuggly spot in front of the woodstove.

Not even a big hairy tarantula.


  1. You mentioned buying another pelt when you and Denise went to Santa Fe ... wondering if that was yours or if Smooch has taken it over. If that was this house I'd know the answer! LOL

  2. You always make me laugh. So... Did Smooch get his own pelt yet?

  3. Since we moved here ten years ago we've never had a trick or treater either, but it doesn't stop me from buying the candy. Just in case...

    Hope you don't get any premature snow this year.

  4. I think you should show up trick-r-treating at the neighbors house dressed as "Old McDonald". (With the animals in tow, of course!)

    Or perhaps you could all go as a "Petting Zoo"?

    Or a "Nativity Scene"?

    Oh, the things you could dress up to be with a crew like yours. Happy Halloween 7MSN menagerie!

  5. HA! I did not expect that last picture!!!

  6. [Faintly] ha ha ha. A year ago I would just have giggled about that last photo. Now that I know there are for real tarantulas in the orchard and a centipede somewhere in the kitchen (at the moment), I'm laughing less and keeping a careful eye on any spooky adventures that my feet might be having!

    Happy Halloween to you and all the gang.

  7. Snapper's face (with the tarantula) certainly showed his feelings for being 'dressed' for Halloween!
    Mmmmmm, the fire looks so inviting. I'd like to snuggle on the pelt, too - move over Snapper!

    This year we will probably have the first trick or treaters we have had in over a dozen years. Hooray!

  8. The photos inside your house look so warm & cozy! It's been dipping into the low 40's in my area the past few nights, but still 70's & 80's during the day. It always seems to turn cold for Halloween night. The last photo was a fun surprise!

  9. Nothing like a pig in the straw. Hope this is a warmer Halloween for Ms. Wynona.


  10. Ha! I had completely forgotten about sending the 7MSN the tarantula...hope he is out and about this year too!

  11. For goodness sakes, your animals really do rule the roost, just like in our house. It's just like a cat to be in charge ; )

  12. We don't get any trick or treators here either. It's probably better that way, I don't need the candy and neither do the others.

    I'm thinking in front of the wood stove with Smooch looks pretty inviting even with the tarantula.

  13. OK, OK, I knew as soon as I pushed the publish button, I mixed the critters names up. Don't know why I keep wanting to call the cat Smooch........but I do. Tell Snapper I apologize.