Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday encore ~ Snaps vs Buttons

I had to go wayyy back in the archives to find this one – originally posted in August 2008. I thought of it as I was looking in my closet, trying to decide what to wear today. What does one wear to a pie festival? What does one do at a pie festival besides eat pie? We'll all find out soon. I promise to bring back pictures. Smooch is going with me. I wonder what kind of pie she likes?

I prefer snaps to buttons - snaps don't fall off, get lost, or need to be sewn back on. And I really like the sound they make when you close and open them. Buttons don't make cool sounds.

The first man to design shirts with snaps, Jack Weil, died this week. He was said to be the country's oldest CEO. He was still going to work every day when he the age of 107! The company he founded in 1946 is called Rockmount Ranch Wear. Many movie stars and country/western singers have worn Rockmount shirts; even Elvis wore them.

I bought this Rockmount shirt four years ago and have worn it maybe four times. I LOVE this shirt, but I loathe ironing. It is the one piece of clothing in my closet that I have not ruined by wearing in the barn to do chores...yet.

The next time I put it on and close all those snaps, I'll think of Mr. Weil and his contributions to society - chief among them, shirts that snap.


  1. Beautiful shirt, but I'm with you on the ironing ... ugh!

  2. What a beautiful shirt!
    I hate ironing too...
    Have a great time at a pie festival.
    Looking forward to see photos.

  3. Thanks for the history of Mr. Weil and Rockmount. Love your shirt! I live with the iron and starch. Most men I know send their shirts and jeans to the cleaners though.... Have fun at the pie festival! I'm going to a "seniors" rodeo.

  4. This shirt is snappy in more ways than one. Ironing is over rated. FOUR times you've worn this shirt...that's a crime! It's so fabulous. Can I have your hand-me-downs?

    Iron it or don't, but for pitysake! wear it, my dear. It looks FINE no matter what. Wrinkles make something look soft and useful. The more it's worn and washed WITHOUT ironing, the better it will be. Trust me. Been there, worn that.

  5. Hope you have fun in Pie Town.
    Great shirt, love snaps, hate ironing....yep.

  6. A Pie Festival?! Now, that's my kind of celebration.

    I used to love ironing as a kid. My mom would let me iron the sheets & pillowcases. I loved the smell of clean laundry and how warm and smooth the cotton got. Now, I rarely iron.

    Gorgeous shirt! I like the sleeves the best.

  7. I'm with you on that! Cool shirt but hate to iron. I can find alot better things to do with my time.

  8. Great shirt! I love Rockmount Ranchwear. I won't buy anything that needs too much ironing. I usually grab my shirts out of the dryer while still damp and hang them before they can get too wrinkled.

  9. beautiful shirt! And yes, cool sounds. That's one of the things that I like about you, find joy in the little things in life. And that is truly important.....if we sit around and wait for only the big things....then we only occasionally find joy!

    thanks for sharing your little happy things with us!!

  10. What a fabulous shirt! I don't mind ironing, but get pissed once something gets wrinkled so shortly after. A pie fest sound grand and I can't wait to hear your and Smooch's choices. I am very boring and love an apple pie best. I love cooked apples.