Thursday, August 19, 2010

George and Alan play Twister

I looked out my office window the other evening to see Alan and George doing something new.

I'm pretty sure they were playing Twister. You remember Twister, don't you? The game where you spin the dial to learn which appendage to place on which color dot? And no, I'm not talking about the strip version you might have played in college that involved beer.

It looked to me like Alan had just put both feet on blue, while George was all tangled up in the yellow and red dots.

Post-processing: 1. Crop; 2. Straighten; 3. CoffeeShop's Splendor B&W action

Alan: Come on, mom, lose the camera and get over here and play with us.

Alan: Don't look now, Zorro, but I think we've got this in the bag.

Alan: Hey, no fair cheating. Put your hoof back where it belongs.

Hank: Child's play...will they ever grow up?

Alan: Umm,'re messing up our game here. Could you move over, please?

Alan: First you don't want to play, now you do want to play...make up your mind!

Hank: Back it up, Burrito.

Alan: Yes, sir, Hank. Whatever you say, Hank. I am not worthy.

Alan (under his breath): The guy has no manners. Does he have to scratch his butt right there?

The Porcine Princess is far too noble to get involved in the silly games of her subjects.


  1. I knew by your title that it was best not to drink my coffee, and I was right! Hilarious!!!

  2. Great story!
    Best always, Sandra

  3. Love this, and every post, but as a relative newcomer to your blog, I had such a bittersweet feeling when I happened on the November 4, 2009 post. How wonderful it was to read your positive and hopeful reaction to the election! How sad it makes me that so many are blaming our excellent president for not living up to expectations! The people who mock him are the very people who have done everything they could to keep him from succeeding.

  4. Your imagination knows no bounds! What a wonderful story. Plz give scratches all around for me... love ur guys!

  5. You've got some future Yoga masters there....

  6. This is hilarious! I think your sense of humor matches that of your critters...and I mean that as a compliment!

  7. You have such an imagination. Love the shot of Hank's commentary, with his tongue sticking out. Always love the boys. And, Wynnona and I are going to get along just fine. I have lolling in the sun down to a fine science.

  8. Zorro! Too funny

  9. I remember that game. Great captions with your photos, as always!

    If Wynonna played, it would be hard to tell what dots she was covering up! And I bet Hank couldn't get her to move, either...

  10. George was being so calm and patient. Hope he was feeling ok. Those 3 guys never fail to come up with something new to amuse us!

  11. Soooo, what does a donk do when it says "hand"? Hmmm, I wonder if you would have an advantage in this game?

  12. I think anyone with any level of worry/depression/stress should be directed towards your blog. I can feel my Endorphin Levels rise when I read your posts.

    Jewelee in CT

  13. Silly burros... never a dull moment at the 7MSN..

  14. Linda, I have one of those deals in my sidebar that lets me know when the blogs I read are updated.
    Right now yours says "Ouch". When I click on it, it says the page doesn't exist.
    I hope everything is okay. :)

  15. CeeCee - not to worry! I inadvertently hit the publish button for tomorrow's post (which is ouchy but nobody gets hurt).

  16. I just have to know... Has Deets returned?