Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deets and Jerry

An itty-bitty mouse showed up at the 7MSN last Friday. In case you missed his introduction, here it is. Since he seems to have taken up permanent residence, I've named him Jerry.

It was Monday evening about 5:00.
The boys had just arrived at the barn for supper, and Jerry was waiting to greet them.

Alan and George marched into their stall, while Deets bellied up to the stock tank.

George didn't seem to mind that there was a guest at his table.

Rancher-woman: Jerry, you're pushing your luck there, little fella.

George left to eat his hay and I decided it was time for Jerry to move along before Deets found him.
I tipped the feed tub on its side, assuming Jerry would take the hint.

He didn't.
Rancher-woman: Uh, Jerry, the dining room is closed now.
Would you care to get your cute little self the heck out of here?

Meanwhile, over at the stock tank, Alan was keeping a close eye on
my confrontation with Jerry, while Deets was in la-la land.

Whoops. I spoke too soon. Deets suddenly realizes there's a party going on
and nobody invited him.

Deets: Well, look who's here! I was wondering when you'd show up again.

Rancher-woman: Deets, you leave Jerry alone. He's not hurting a thing.

Deets: So what's the deal? Are we adopting him? Where's he going to sleep?
Who's going to train him? Do we really need another mouth to feed around here?

Rancher-woman: Deets, look! Over there!

Rancher-woman: Jerry, quick! Run for your life before Deets turns around!

Deets: Joining the herd is a big responsibility, Jerry. There are expectations. You've got to do your part.

Jerry: Expectations? What the f*k? I'm a mouse.
I eat, chew on stuff I'm not supposed to, and scare people.
What else do you want me to do?

Deets: Pose for the camera while doing clever, humorous, and entertaining tricks.
Mom has a blog, you know, and she counts on us for new material every day.
Jerry: I think I need an agent.

* * * * * *

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  1. Now that's a GREAT way to start the day ... Jerry, Deets and the burro brothers! I got a good laugh over this post, but I am amazed that Jerry does stick around with all critters that are a zillion times bigger then him! Determined little guy, but so cute. I like his hiding place behind the wire.

  2. Oh boy. Carson can't get another horse, so now she's adopting the tiniest mouse she's ever seen. He doesn't appear to need much cleaning up after; that's a good thing...

    Jerry is so darn cute! They grow field mice teeny out there, don't they?

  3. Some of those shots of Jerry are brilliant.

  4. That Jerry has a mouth like a truck driver! Ha haa!!!! He's got b*lls too!

    Better watch out, Deets might make a quick meal out of him yet. Before you know it, the whole family will be showing out looking for a free hand out!

    So cute though ; )

  5. Great story, Carson...I hope the little guy is able to escape Mr and Mrs Snake.
    Best always, Sandra

  6. Awww, Jerry is such a cute little critter, he'd make a fine addition to the happy ranch family! Maybe Smooch can be his agent/bodyguard in case a certain barn cat gets jealous/hungry :D

  7. OMG, what a series! There's always something entertaining going on at the 7MSN! I'm not a mouse person but I kinda' like that little Jerry!

  8. Of course you would name him! Here's to a long, long life in Nirvana. Lucky little bugger.

  9. HA!!!welcome to the show Jerry :-)
    Theresa in Alberta

  10. Awww! This is definitely a classic, Carson. Deets really isn't trying to eat Jerry? Holy cow, how cool. You have your own Mr. Jingles... I wonder what he'll do with an empty thread spool? :)

  11. Jerry is very cute and we refer to the mice as the clean up crew. Hopefully he can avoid being caught.

  12. Looks like all Jerry has to do is show up to be entertaining. Can't believe how laid-back Deets is about the whole thing.

  13. Jerry is pretty cute. I'm not crazy about mice running around but he's adorable. I'm thinking Deets is pretty well-fed to leave him alone.

    We once had a cat who didn't care much for catching mice, they would run right by him sticking out their tongues singing na,na,na, he wouldn't move a muscle for the chase. Maybe they hadn't bathed yet?

  14. I didn't even think about the snakes!! I don't guess there's really a way to keep little Jerry safe from them. GULP! I think Deets is still thinking deeply about the situation. Cats are also smart enough not to want to do anything illegal "on camera." :)

  15. LOVE IT - LOVE IT! That is one cute mouse and one cool cat. Deets is amazing. Hopefully Jerry will be able to avoid all the snakes. Great series Carson.

  16. One very lucky mouse ...

  17. That was cute lol...made me smile all the way through...glad nobody was hurt in taking these pictures...Jerry is so cute.

  18. What great pictures of such a small creature! Love the captions!
    He is a cute little booger. :)

  19. Awesome post!! And now I'm stuck with the theme song from Tom and Jerry running through my head.

    At least I think it is Tom and Jerry. It may be Leave it to Beaver...

  20. I AM NOT A MOUSY PERSON... but this little stinker is growing on me LOL... jerry indeed can i be your agent! LOL

  21. me thinks jerry needs his mouth washed out with soap! =o)

  22. Hey...since you are a MOUSE fan now I need to send you an invitation to check out Jodi's house, where mice and squirrels reign supreme.

  23. OMG - cutest little mouse ever. We had one as a pet once... he was caught in a trap in our attic (that the prior owners placed up there). We found him caught in it, one leg missing and promptly named him Tripod. Little guy healed up great, a hamster house complete with tubes and lookout tower came into the picture... you get the idea. I couldn't bear to put him back outside with his disability.

  24. Of all your fenomenal posts ... I mean, I'm falling off my chair here. And amazingly, Deets seem to respect that little Jerry thingy. Maybe it's his attitude - a foul mouth have saved many before him. Or maybe Deets is thinking that he actually belongs to you? "She catched him, and she is after all the pack leader here on 7msn." But seriously - this is good children's book material! Keep us posted, please!

  25. Would love to know what is going through Deets' mind... For that matter, I'd love to know what Jerry is thinking.

    Love the T&J graphic!

  26. Aww! :D I hope Deets continues to play nice with him so he can appear in a few more blogs :).

  27. Very handsome rodent. Are you sure it's a boy - have you checked? You may end up with an extended family of tiny Jerrys...Awaiting further adventures with bated breath.


  28. Glad to see Jerry is still around. Hope the snakes don't get him.

  29. Ahem....I just wanted to say that Jerry is...ah...right up there with Miss Wynonna in the cuteness category. : )

    PS-Tell Wynonna that I still love her....

  30. Linda-

    I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your pal, Lyle. I was randomly browsing through older posts (there is so much I have missed!)when I cam across that post. I immediately got a knot in my stomach and tears in my eyes, as I went through the exact same thing with my horse, Shadest.

    It was like I was re-living the nightmare all over again. He also had a lympho sarcoma in his abdomen, and it was quite large by the time he had his fatal colic.

    Like Lyle, Shadest had a goofy personality and everyone who met him fell in love with him.
    Again, I am so sorry...


  31. How the heck did I miss this post? Wynnona better watch out...Jerry is damn cute and every woman loves a bad boy with attitude. I think Deets kinda likes the litte fella. Jerry may have to keep an eye out for those slithery interlopers on the ranch...

  32. I cannot get over how tiny Jerry is...And such a bold little guy,!
    LOVE these pictures of 'the family'....!It is great how they all get along--if only people could do as well....!