Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday encore ~ The emancipation of Ellsworth

One guess where I'm going to be today. At Ellsworth's farm! There will be donkeys and burros and wonderful friends ... oh, and did I mention the crab feast? I posted this story originally on September 28, 2009. If you want to see what love and care can do for a mistreated animal in a very short amount of time, check out Morning Bray Farm's blog, if you haven't already.

Last month, I introduced you to Bernard, my friend Justina's adorable little donkey, who continues to challenge George and Alan for cutest ass in the universe.

Poor pitiful Bernard has been pushing his ball around his corral by himself with nobody to play with, while Justina has searched high and low for a suitable donkey companion.

Yesterday I accompanied Justina and her husband to one of those low places...very, very low. Think 20-acre junkyard. We went to look at a 3-year-old Jack and found him in a pen with two miniature donkeys, a dozen or so goats, and piles and piles of hazardous stuff.

He was a gentle soul who seemed to get along with everybody and loved the attention we doled out, but the carrots? Not so much. I honestly think he had never tasted one before. Despite the scratches, scuffs and scars all over his body, he seemed healthy enough. His owner explained he was "accident prone" and was always stepping on a nail or getting himself wrapped in wire. Excuse me? And whose fault would that be? I about bit my tongue in half trying to keep my mouth shut.

When Justina walked him through the squalor to the horse trailer, little did he know he would be landing in paradise.

Bernard, meet Ellsworth. Ellsworth, meet Bernard. Ellsworth, you'll have to stay separate until the vet gets here to geld you and pronounce you healthy. Meantime, know that you'll have a little buddy waiting to play just on the other side of the barn.

Bernard, don't you worry. There's plenty of love to go around for both of you.

Ellsworth seems to stand a little taller and prouder in his new home.

And Bernard's wishing he could stand a little taller, better to see his new buddy across the barn aisle.


  1. Oooh, I remember that post and my heart still flip-flops over the sight of where Ellsworth came from and the excuses given, BUT to see him now and how happy he is brings tears to my eyes. What a lucky guy!

    Have fun today!

  2. Thank you for this morning of rescue. I can't wait to see Ellsworth all healed. How can people do this to animals? I can't imagine how this man treats the humans in his life.

  3. You are right, Carson. I DO wish I lived in NM today! Happy crab feasting and give those donks a hug from WI.

  4. One of my favorite posts, to be sure!

  5. Thank you for introducing us to Bernard and Ellsworth. Since you posted this originally, I have been following Morning Bray Farm Blog also. Your blog and their blog is the first thing I look for every morning! Enjoy your visit!

  6. All the trash is terrible! It's mind boggling how the people who own that place can't see the mess around them. Those poor animals. At least one made it out!

    Look at those ears!!!

  7. Accident prone? Yesh.

    So glad Ellsworth is in a great place.

    Mmmm. Crab.

  8. I cant stand trash in with animals, they are always getting into something when theres nothing to get into, like they need more hlep. But Ellsworth is adorable, and one lucky donkey.

  9. OMG!! That place is a nightmare! Too bad Justina couldn't take them all. Yeah for Ellsworth! He will be in a much better and safer home with his new family. Great pictures! Hope you are there with your camera when they meet nose to nose for the first time.

  10. Aww, look at the ears on him! It seems this song is appropriate for him as well as the goats my friend just showed me pictures of...

    I do hope is friends at his old home don't miss him too much... :-/ I'm think I would have found room for the two mini-donks and the goats as well even if it killed/bankrupted me! Haha.

    Enjoy your crab! :)

  11. Like somebody else mentioned I came across your blog first and through it the MB blog. We certainly can't thank you enough for sharing all the goings on with your guys. I knew that Ellsworth came from an abusive place, but I hadn't seen this post until now. Also like somebody else I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears. Just a mighty shout out to all the Burro boys at both places (well and all the other four-legged family members, including The Horse In Residence). Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm, Texas

  12. Man, I wish I was invited to the crab feast - YUM!

  13. Lordy... he is a bit rounder now... but, he's happy.