Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now that's using your noodle

When I walked past the noodles in the beach aisle at Walmart on Saturday, one of them jumped into my cart. I tried to put it back, but it screamed "burro toy!" and I succumbed to the retail pressure. I hoped my $2 investment would at least pay off in big blogging dividends.

George and Alan were only mildly interested in the noodle when I left it in the pasture. I waited for them to start a raucous game of tug-of-war, but it didn't happen. I gave up after 20 minutes and headed back to the barn with it, bemoaning my waste of two dollars. Along the way, I noticed what was left of a small tree and stuck the noodle on top of it.

George immediately took notice ...

...and concluded that it must be a scratching post.

He walked back and forth under it, letting it rub against his neck.
Alan still wasn't interested and did all his scratching the old-fashioned way.

George circumnavigated the noodle, letting it scrape against his ears...

...then under his neck.

I knew my $2 investment had paid off when George backed up under it for a self-serve butt scratch.

It was about that time that Alan came over to see what all the fuss was about.

George was in no mood to share.

Alan started to vent his frustrations while George took hold of the situation.

But George had to spoil everything by trying to eat the noodle. I told him that blue polystyrene was not part of a healthy balanced diet, and I had no choice but to take it away from him. Perhaps Wynonna, with her more discriminating palate, will get some use out of it.

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  1. Although the noodle didn't turn out to be the toy you thought it would be, for a while it was a great scratching post ... good idea on your part Carson ... but when George wanted to eat it, I was like, "Eeeeek!"

    I love the picture of Alan showing his frustrations ... his expression is priceless!

  2. That's another great series of pictures, 7MSN! I wondered if George & Alan might think the noodle was another meal though. I'm guessing it wouldn't be too good in their tummies!

  3. I love how you weave words with photos. This was truly amazing. Loved those flared nostrils. George's look of sheer ecstasy was priceless.

  4. I was thinking as I read: please watch out for donkeys eating the noodle! :)

    Mainly because over the winter I put a piece of wrap-around foam on the water pump in the barn aisle and the donkeys were somewhat obsessed with taking it off for me. Next year I might vet-wrap it on!

  5. Another great story & pictorial.... I was afraid they would eat it also.....hum.... what should Carson buy for the boyz??

  6. Have you thought of the large stability balls or exercise balls that are made for equine. The boys might enjoy it.

    I saw the noodle in yesterday's blog and worried that the boys might think it was treat. Glad they didn't eat it and have tummy trouble.

    Your photos are priceless and so are the furballs.

  7. Ahhh, those boys! Eternally entertaining!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. So Noodle isn't the game of choice either. hmmmmm Yes, what can the next game be? Looking forward to it what ever it may be.

  9. How cute! My donkeys like their "Jolly Ball". Not sure if you have one, but they are pretty sturdy and hold up fairly well to the rough play. They have a nice handle on them that the donkeys can grab with their teeth and toss around. They also love their cones!

  10. Best 2 bucks you ever spent at Walmart, eh?

  11. I love your donkey's, they are just too cute!

  12. Besides noodles, chairs and of course cones what other toys do the boys like?

  13. I'm sure mine would try to eat it. Of course, Jaz would probably find some other way to hurt himself on it.

  14. What a GREAT Post. George and Alan supply endlessly WONDERFUL poses....lol...Of course YOU know how to take these pictures and we are the recipients of such a great saga..."The Noodle Saga"....! HA!
    They are both so darn smart.

  15. I bought 2 of those noodles for my 2 minis to play with last week. A blue one and a hot pink one. It started out pretty harmless, playing tug, pushing it around and at each other. Then I saw there were chunks out of the blue one and Racer was chewing away. The pink ones must not be as tasty, however I wasn't going to leave it in there long enough to find out...never did find any bits that had passed through. I enjoy your photo stories very much.