Saturday, May 29, 2010

George picks a winner

I could just come straight out and tell you who won the $80 gift certificate giveaway by guessing the correct number of hay bales in the barn, but that wouldn't be any fun at all. American Idol and Dancing With the Stars make you wait a whole hour before they tell you who won. Why should we be any different?

So not to be outdone in the category of dramatic finishes, welcome to the finale of the great hay giveaway, with your hosts Hank, George, Alan and Deets.

When the contest closed at 7 pm Friday, there were 103 entries. And six of those entries, a mere 5.8%, correctly guessed that the number of hay bales remaining in the barn was...

(insert dramatic pause)

(insert 7 commercials here)


Our finalists and hay-counting wizards, from whom the winner will randomly be chosen, are:
Domestic Diva

Congratulations, finalists! Your names are now entered into the random drawing, where one of you will ultimately be chosen to win our grand prize, an $80 gift certificate to online retailer csn|stores, the gracious sponsor of this contest.

Stay tuned after the break for the drawing.

(Am I driving you crazy yet? Don't be scrolling to the bottom of the post to find out who won - you'll miss out on all the fun.)

Welcome back to the drawing, where we now have six traffic cones set up in the corral, each marked with a sticky note containing one finalist's name. We will attempt to get George and Alan to walk over to the cones, and the first cone to be picked up will be our winner.

George! Alan! Could you come here please? Hank, you might want to move out of the way.

Ok, guys, pick us a winner. And, Deets, would you please stop distracting everybody?

Alan's mind wanders, but it looks like George might be honing in on a winner.
He seems to be very interested in cone #2.

Now he's moving over to cone #3...

Wait! He's going back to cone #1!

What is he doing? George! You're supposed to pick up the cone, not the sticky!

George, stop! Don't eat it!

Nice job, George. You finally pick a winner, then eat the evidence.

So our runners up are Kimberley, Domestic Diva, Duckie, Cappy, and Sandra...

...and the winner, whose name is being digested by George at this very minute, is Cheryl!

Cheryl, please e-mail me at the7msn at gmail dot com to claim your gift certificate. And runners up, I've got consolation prizes for you, if you'll e-mail me your mailing addresses.

Don't worry, Deets. Next time we have a contest, I'll let you pick the winner.


  1. Congrats to Cheryl!

    Neat way to put us in suspense Carson ... I got a big Saturday morning hoot over that, especially George eating the winning sticky note!

  2. Too Funny! What a great way to start a Saturday.

  3. That was so good. Leave to you not to have a normal random picking. I wonder if lotteries could be decided this way. Hope you do it again.

  4. Congratulations to Cheryl!
    Not only are you a winner, but George thinks you taste good!

  5. After this, winning has become secondary. This was a hoot!

    First, I want to thank 7MSN Ranch and csn/stores for sponsoring this contest; George for his good taste; my accounting advisor Dan who gave me my start in the business; all the CFOs who've driven me crazy over the years; and most importantly, my dad who taught me the art of bringing in the hay at an early age. I'm truly humbled by this honor.

  6. Better than Dancing With the Stars way of picking the winner! George rocks!

  7. What an imagination you have to come up with this idea. This was hilarious. Your blog is the best. Please don't ever stop.

  8. Well, there's no possibility that there was any monkey business going on in the vote selection! Donkey Drama, definately!

    Congratulations, Cheryl!

    As always, thanks for the laughs!

  9. That was great! Looks like Alan was pulling his best Simon Cowel indifferent look, while Hank was flirting with the audience ala Paula, Deets, the guest judge was out of the picture, and George Jackson got 'er done!

  10. hahahha.... that was as much fun as winning anyway..... way to go Georrrrge!

  11. First, congratulations to the winners and runner ups. Second, nice job George, hopefully the sticky won't give you indigestion. Mom, got a tums for my tummy?!!

    Thank you Linda for all of your wonderful photos of the crew.

  12. What a great way to pick a winner! Even though I wasn't in the contest I loved reading about it and how the winner was chosen :)

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  13. Congrats to Cheryl, the (hopefully) digestible contestant!!! I love the burro brothers - and their various siblings. They are all in tune with Mom's imagination!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. Exceptionally cute! I really njoyed this tension filled ending -- the best finale I've ever seen. Hmmmm. Wonder if the bachelor could take a cue here in picking his winning lady?

    Congratulations, Cheryl!! Loved your gracious acceptance speech.

  15. shoot, i guessed 77...always a day late and a dollar short...or in this case a hay bale! poor old duckie never stood a chance with half a traffic cone!

  16. A bridesmaid again, damn. Besides, I don't need no stinkin' gift certificate, got plenty of those ya know.

    (Fun many times have I done this with my pile at home and been wrong?)

  17. Great way to pick a winner ! You should have blindfolded the boys, the pictures clearly show George reading the names ! HA HA

  18. much more entertaining that American Idol and Dancing with the Stars - and not scripted. (well....I'm not so sure that wasn't rigged......George might be easy to pay off.... :) )

  19. Too funny - guess it's a good thing you didn't have 60 entries (and isn't that just like a man not to follow some simple directions?)
    Congratulations Cheryl! :o)

  20. Oh darnnit I missed all of the excitement live yesterday! Wahoo I made it as a finalist, this was way too adorable!

  21. 78! Wow! That's alot of hay.

    Love your random winner generator. You need to stay away from the carrot flavored post-its.


  22. Too funny!! Great way to pick your winner. Congrats Cheryl!!

  23. LOL! That's too cute! Yup, it's always an adventure no matter what the event.