Friday, May 14, 2010

FAQ Friday, episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of FAQ Friday, where I'll answer the questions you've posed this week and try to convince some of you that I haven't lost my mind and that giving chickens pedicures is a perfectly normal thing to do.

The week started with what I thought to be a sane and sensible way to identify my chickens.

From kkk:
Q. Have you considered colored leg bands like they use on wild birds for identification? The nail polish is cute but the leg bands would last longer!
A. I did consider the leg bands, but they came in packs of 25 and I didn't want to get 22 more chickens. The nail polish is wearing surprisingly well after six days, though the girls do have appointments for a touch-up on Sunday.

From June:
Q. I have to believe you did this just for blogging purposes?
A. No, I would have painted their nails even if I didn't have a blog (whether I would have taken pictures of their colorful toes remains to be seen). It's great to be able to tell them apart! I've learned that Peach is the most independent, Clara loves tortillas, and Lorena's hobby is rock-climbing.

From A New England Life, gtyyup, and Oregontribal1:
Is life becoming a little too mundane on the ranch?
Q. Maybe you've been on the ranch a lil' too long?
Q. You might need to take breather from all the "farm life" and go to town and have a pedicure yourself? Just talk to someone without so many whiskers, feathers, or hooves maybe?
A. I can't imagine what makes you think I need to get a life. (I love it when my blogging friends tease me and I can throw it right back at them, and everyone knows we're just kidding here, right?)

From C in WI:
Q. What kind of equipment/lenses do you use most of the time?
A. Almost all the photos you've seen on this blog since July 2008 were taken with a Nikon D80 and the lens it came with - a Nikkor 18-135mm zoom. For indoor and other low-light conditions, I use a Nikkor 35mm 1.8 lens.

From Penni:
Q. Did the upside down tomato planter make tomatoes – were you satisfied with it? I want tomatoes, but the baddogs do not (apparently). So, I was contemplating the "above their heads approach."
A. I did get tomatoes from my upside-down planter...teeeny, tiny tomatoes. Granted, I started out with a cherry tomato plant, but the tomatoes ended up being the size of peas. I'm not sure if that was a function of the planter or my water.

From Tina and Morning Bray Farm:
Q. When will we get the many faces of Alan version?
A. I sense a theme coming on. Smooch and George have had their turns - it's only fair to work on down the line. Look for Alan's soon.

From Pat in East TN:
Q. I can't believe the problems with your locoweed, and being as I don't remember it being mentioned much before, what caused it to suddenly take over the 7MSN?
A. All the snow and rain I whined about from December through March brought out the locoweed, as well as every other weed, wildflower, and plant that was dormant during our many dry years. Bubba, the herbicide guy, was here yesterday, spraying the pastures to get rid of the crazy stuff. When it falls over and dies and the surrounding grass grows a few inches, I'll be able to let the boys back into the pasture - I'm thinking that should be around the beginning of July.

I'll leave you with this parting shot that didn't find its way into any other post this week. Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. What fun Friday FAQ's are! Most of those questions are rolling around in my head, except for those thinking you need to get a life ... what are they thinkin'?, so it's fun to read your answers. As for my question, well the same thing happened here ... a brutal winter brought on numerous weeds and pests that you would have thought would have never survived. UGH!

    The last picture is awesome!

  2. Oh! Well, that's nice then.
    Why shouldn't chickens have personalities? Hadn't occurred to me, frankly...but if it makes them more fun, why not?

  3. I wouldn't say you need to get a life. To me you have a fantastic, fantabulous life!

  4. Beautiful sunrise!

    I'm a big fan of FAQ Fridays. Too fun.

    As a former rock climber myself, please give my regards to Lorena. Technically what she's doing in the photo is called "bouldering." FYI.

    I can't believe it takes an herbicide a month and a half to work! Ah well, I'm sure the confinement will make for great photos!

  5. I also cannot imagine why anybody would think you don't have a life.

  6. Wow, the sunset (sunrise?) is breath taking. Love your photos, as you well know!

  7. Love this last picture also. For some reason I think it is a sunset. Like the Friday answer time also.
    As far as your life, I love the saying "normal is a setting on a dryer." If normal is to you a day outside enjoying your animals and home, that is your life.
    A good motto--"Have you hugged your burro today?"

  8. The question and answers were fun! That header photo is great.

  9. Great parting shot.... you did link it to skywatch friday, didn't you?

  10. What a fabulous picture! Pretty cool you can figure out personalities now that you know who is who. I love the Q&A Fridays! As for the upside down tomatoes, my brother tried it last year and got teeny tiny ones too, and it was a "big tomato" plant. I'd use a container if you don't put them in the ground.

  11. Thanks 7MSN for posting my question of getting out! BIG CHEESY SMILE on my face this morning :) And yes I do know we are teasing you and thanks for teasing right back :D
    I absolutely love the Q&A on Fridays as well as all the other days of the week! Have a GREAT Weekend and enjoy lots of sunshine!

  12. I love your Friday Q&A! The photo was stunning.

    Nancy in Iowa

  13. I'm enjoying the Q&A's, too, 7MSN.

    OMG, your parting shot is gorgeous!

    Oh, and I want a camera just like yours! However, I somehow doubt I'd get the same results. Your pics are awesome!

  14. I'll probably tell you this a zillion more times - you are an amazing photographer. I love that you're getting to know the girls' personalities.

  15. Howdy. I love Q&A day as well as every post. Can't get enough. I just wanted to stop by and let you know I have included you in a new page, ain't blogger fun, on my blog page entitled My Inspirations, cuz you are there. I just adore what you say, how you say it and your "kids". Makes me want a donkey fren. I'd like to invite you to come and take a look at My Inspirations on Thanks

  16. Is the sky ever ugly in New Mexico?? what an amazing shot....thanks for giving me a breath of fresh air :)