Sunday, April 11, 2010

Waking up to Spring

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was spring. Presto, chango, just like that. 
How could I be so certain? I heard something outside that I hadn't heard since last September.

The swallows came home!

And it was the first time since early November that I could spend the whole day outside 
without a coat and gloves. If that isn't a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is.

There was music and dancing in the pasture, and I fired up the barbeque and grilled a steak for dinner.

Then Smooch and I were porch potatoes – we sat and watched the sun set and the swallows swoop. 

Here's to you, Spring! Stick around for awhile, if you don't mind.
You have no idea how much we've missed you.


  1. Isn't spring wonderful! Although we bounce from summer like weather back to winter cold/frost, we have had a couple of mild spring days mixed in. So it goes in the Smokies.

  2. Here, here >lifts coffee cup<.

  3. You feel about swallows the way I feel about redwinged blackbirds.
    Just lifts your heart, doesn't it?

  4. We have chimney swifts. They just returned two days ago. I always know that it's spring when my chimney begins to 'twitter'.

  5. Fabulous Linda. I love Barn Swallows. Glad you appreciate them too. Excellent shot with Smoochie ; )


  6. Finally! Enjoy your warmer days and the swallows.

  7. Sounds like a great day!

  8. I can just feel the energy that spring is bringing to you. Oh, well, except for the porch thing - but heck, that was after a day outside, it's legit!
    I think our grass grew 1 inch yesterday. It hasn't been too warm, still waiting for that, but we haven't had snow in a week (woohoo) and it's been sunny.
    Hooray for spring!

  9. What beautiful photos; I really like the second-last one with the sky reflected in the window. And the last one too.... they are all lovely!
    Does Deets try to leap and catch the swallows? Foose was trying to catch a robin in a tree the other day, I think it was mocking him as it flitted from branch to branch.

  10. Spring brings new life and that alone is reason for celebration:) We've had summer temperatures last week, now are to feeling cold again... In the last past years it felt like we jumped from winter to summer in a week...

  11. Yay! Spring! Barn swallows are a good indication of that.

  12. Our swallows came back this week too :). I take part in the survey to note seasonal changes with 'UK Phenology' and I thought our swallows were late this year but having looked at last year's chart they are only two days later!

    Lots of other stuff like the tulips and some of the shrubs are about two weeks late here, though.

  13. Yes! Spring!
    But here in Ellensburg, spring means WIND! We've been have 30-40 mph winds, with gusts on the ridges of 70-80!! This morning is calmer, tho that's no guarantee for later, so I'd best get out and ride!

  14. Oh...and I loooove swallows! Could watch their aerobatic antics all day. We used to have bunches at the ranch in Montana. We're slowly developing a herd here...

  15. Hooray for Spring!

    THe swallows aren't back in my barn yet, but we all saw them building nests at Cedar Hill Farm this weekend. And that's only about 20 miles from our the swallow flies.


  16. It was much the same here yesterday, as well. Blue skies, warm temperatures, with only a hint of a bite in the breeze, birds singing, and flowers blooming. Unfortunately, it also brought everyone out and in a city the size of Vancouver that means hoards of people. Oh well....

  17. "Porch potatoes", I love that! :)
    I have spring fever, too! We've had stormy wild weather, this weekend has been nice, a little chilly- but shed the coat while longing My Boy yesterday. I'm ready for enough warm weather to dry out the mud!

  18. I can't think of a more perfect day.

  19. Lovely. We have an insane wildflower party going on in Texas right now. Spring is good.

    Great porch shot.

  20. What funny coincidence.
    Yesterday I had a happy sparrow taking a ride on my weather vane. Today, he would be nauseous with the wind spinning him around.

  21. Spring is sprung
    The grass is riz
    I wonder were the birdies is?

    How bad is that? Couldn't help it, spring has a way of doing silly things to me.
    The red wing blackbirds are out in masses as well as the robins.
    It's spring!
    Best always, Sandra

  22. How truly WONDERFUL! Spring Is Back! Congratulations....And Happy Swallows, my dear.

  23. wonderful. And with all the moisture, aren't you thinking those swallows might be full of bugs and too fat to fly in a few weeks? I love nature when it's a win-win situation (well, except from maybe the bug's point of view!).