Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday encore ~ Making the best of a trip to WalMart

Saturday in the middle of nowhere usually means a trip to somewhere for provisions. In honor of today's to-do list, I'll repeat this post from last January.

When I head out to town, town equals Belen, New Mexico, population 7,000. It has all the necessities: gas station, feed store, post office, tire store. And of course, it has the ubiquitous WalMart. It used to have a real grocery store, which went out of business when Wally came to town. Belen's claim to fame is as the third largest train depot in the U.S.

For me, the cool part of Belen is smack dab across the street from the WalMart. So on Saturday, Smooch and I left WalMart with our truckload of groceries and headed right on over to the Valencia County Sheriff's Posse grounds. There's always something going on that involves horses or cows or both, and this day it was a team roping.

We got the perfect parking spot right at the rail so that Smooch wouldn't miss a thing.

See, Smooch? That dog has a job, too. She keeps the cattle moving through the chute.

No, thanks. I like my job as co-pilot and chief truck security officer.

No cows were harmed in the making of this team roping. They all wore these cute little horn protectors.

I wasn't much interested in the actual roping because these two horses were far more entertaining. See the Palomino on the left, with the nicely coiled lariat on his saddle? Now watch the Paint on the right throw a loop over his head.

I think the Palomino realizes he's going to get in big trouble for getting his rope all tangled and decides turnabout is fair play. He grabs onto the Paint's lead rope and decides to untie her.

Note the hand-crafted lead rope, braided with loving care out of baling twine. Us country folk are all about recycling.

About this time, my co-pilot reminded me that we needed to get the groceries home, and thus ended our adventure to town.


  1. Our Wal-mart was built out in the middle of a hay field, so it's more then boring to go there. You and Smooch have such adventures!

  2. It's always good to give yourself a treat for surviving Walmart!

  3. I wind up a Wally land on Saturdays too. We sure lack entertainment near the Walmart parking lot though. Let us know what is happening today. It's January so just maybe there is a rodeo. It makes shopping at Walmart such a pleasure.
    Best always, Sandra

  4. Hey, a free rodeo show! but I must ask, why do those cows have those protecting padding around their horns? Is it to protect the horns, them, other cows or cowboys? How come they are not cut off? Wundering city slicker would like to know.
    Theresa in Alberta

  5. Theresa, I'm pretty sure the padding is to protect the area at the base of the horns from rope burns.

  6. The Paint and the palomino are great entertainers. In the last photo, it looks like the sorrel is saying, "You guys are gonna get it." And the cowboy is looking over but I don't think he really sees what happened yet.

  7. Or maybe, thhe Paint is biting his horse on the butt!

  8. Drama is everywhere if you know where to look!

    And you DEFINITELY know where to look. :)

  9. I remember this one! Dang, I've been a fan longer than I thought!

  10. OMG! Do you know if there's an arena near the Walmart in Edgewood? That'll be mine for provisions and I'll have to take in something nearby that has to do with horses and cows...and dogs!

  11. Hey, a trip to Walmart ends in horses? That can sure ease the pain of a Wally World visit!

  12. That is too funny! I love it!