Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday encore ~ Dog is my co-pilot

This post from last January will work for today, too - it's cold, it's snowy, the truck is still dirty, and Smooch and I are headed to town for provisions.

Saturday dawned too cold and snowy to ride, so I decided to make the trek to town for provisions. Smooch came along to navigate.

From the moment we leave the garage, Smooch takes her job as co-pilot very seriously.

I've explained to her time and time again that getting out to open the gate is part of her job description, but she claims "gate valet" is beneath her.

Ya think we can stop and get this tank washed? I can barely see around the paw prints.

Down the road we go, with Smooch focused on the task at hand. What could she be thinking about?

We pause at the top of Steep Rocky Hill to take a picture...and a deep breath. I hate this hill - you can't see the bottom when you're at the top and, well, it's steep and rocky.

This hill, I don't mind as much.

This view and my trusty co-pilot make the drive to town almost enjoyable...I said almost. We were going to Walmart, after all, and that is never fun. But come back tomorrow to see where we went when we left Walmart.


  1. Smooch is really into her job .. such intense looks, but the "WW1 Flying Ace" picture cracked me up!

    Goodness Carson, your hills are kind of like a roller coaster ride! Eeeeek!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog. I just love visiting it and seeing what life is like at your little dot on the map!

    Oh, and your animals are awesome!


  3. Don't you just love your co-polit! My black lab is mine. Wouldn't be a farm or ranch truck if it was clean!

  4. Our German Shepherd Brega goes everywhere with us when we take our truck - although she uses the back seat. She looks out of the window wherever we go - it's important to observe everything, and especially to note any distant dogs who must be barked at!

  5. Crazy-fun hills (until they're not!).
    Did anyone else notice George in the side view mirror in the first shot?

  6. I love your new header!

    Love the look on Smooch's face.

  7. Love seeing this post again! Smooch as your co-pilot is really great!
    And what a gorgeous view!

  8. I just love Smooch's face - her eyes are so expressive, and she is one heck of a co-pilot! Love the helmet! lol, thanks for the chuckle.