Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Encore ~ The Instigator

This photo essay from July 2008 has always been one of my favorites. It illustrates the quintessential Lyle at his trouble-making best.

I was minding my own business, checking fence the lazy way – on the Ranger. Silly me drove home through the middle of the pasture, only to encounter the boys.

Hmm...tastes pretty good. Could use more salt.

Lyle, not the camera bag!

Lyle, leave the pail alone.

Lyle, don't even think about it.

Lyle, if you had a hammer, you wouldn't know what to do with it.

See what you've done? Now George has to get in on the act.

George, don't go there...

George, just because Lyle does something doesn't mean you have to...

But, Mom, you let him do it.

Yeah, you let Lyle do it. He gets away with everything.

Mom, can I have a ride back to the barn?

Lyle, just...go...away.


  1. HA ... that is a classic! I can say one thing, your life is never boring!!

  2. LOL - I think that was one of the first posts I read!!! Worthy of encore.

  3. if he could just grab that hammer, he would pound a nail!

  4. Great to see that again. I love George's overbite. Very kissable.

  5. Very cute! Great commentary too.

  6. Very cute! Love the first picture of Lyle.

  7. The instigator or the investigator! Very cute. I've got a whole bunch of nosy horses too. They keep it interesting.

  8. Too cute! I missed this the first time around, thanks for re-posting it! :-)

  9. lol ... my gazi (arabian) to a tee :)

    arent g-d's creatures awesome?


  10. And I thought cats were curious. Look at these guys. You know I see a definite difference in your color and photo texture from last year to this year. You are really gettin' good Carson. Hats off!
    Best always, Sandra

  11. How can you turn away those white eyelashes?

  12. I almost forgot how cute Hank and Lyle are, being as obsessed with George and Alan as I am! What a great reminder - they are truly the best gang of animals you can ask for. You are so lucky to share your life with them.

  13. Aww! They are just so curious :)