Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The great power failure of November '09

Smooch and I left for our evening constitutional yesterday around 5:00. The sky was clear, the winds were calm, the air was crisp, and there was just enough daylight left to accomplish our mission.

The walk was uneventful...until we arrived home and discovered the power had gone out. We're pretty used to that, living out here in nowheresville. We even have a whole-house backup generator (thanks, dad!) to get us through these trying times. But said generator runs on propane, and being the frugal homesteader that I am, I try to minimize how long I leave it on.

So I got the evening organized: fire in the woodstove, candles, ipod, tripod... You knew there would be pictures involved, right?

This was a perfect opportunity to experiment with shooting in the dark. Smooch and Snapper were settled down in their favorite spots, and when I told them to hold still for five seconds, they did. Ok, I got lucky.

Wave to the nice people.

I sat in front of the woodstove, all comfy and warm, feeling quite pioneer-like, there in my house with no electricity. (But in this version of the frontier, the pioneers have ipods and cameras.)


  1. I finally bought a i-pod for me and the hubby and I am so glad for it. We unfortunately have a generator also but I have to actually go out and hook it up to the tractor if we go out of power but I guess it is better than nothing! You look nice and cosy!

  2. Love this photos, Linda!

    PS: I sent an email to you in November 13, but I think that the email did not arrive on your email box.
    I would like to tell you that the BEAUTIFUL 2010 George and Alan Wall Calendar arrived!
    I loved every picture and I am absolutely delighted with it! Really you did a great job on this Calendar!
    I am so happy! Thank you very much!

    I would like to ask you If I could make a post on my blog about the Calendar and add on the post this link:

    Thanks again!

  3. Love that you took the time to 'experiment' with camera, etc. Isn't it something we always say we will do but don't? Thanks for the smile today!

  4. I don't mind losing power once and awhile myself...and good company makes anything more tolerable..

  5. Can you imagine how it was for the pioneers? Often when I'm out there riding, I imagine being in a covered wagon, no idea where water is, and what if you had a BABY out here, in a wagon? I just can't wrap my little brain around that. They were some tough people!!

  6. Smooch and Snapper look so tired! The life of a pioneering homesteader is exhausting, I guess. lol
    Fun and beautiful shots. You look so happy. :-)

  7. Now THAT'S cozy! What more does one need, really?

  8. Fun photos and living in the country also, i don't mind short outages but it's why we also bought a generator because even with woodstove, kerosene lamps, and candles, it gets old fast to have no electricity. Our longest outage here is around a week but most are not long enough to make getting the generator running worthwhile.

  9. Hi Linda,
    Yes, I am very happy with my Calendar! Thanks again!
    I am also glad you allow me to make a post about the Calendar.

    By the way I saw on the post (October 26, 2009) that the current Calendar have sold out. Is it correct?

    PS: I did not received yet your email. I use this address email: samascaro@uol.com.br
    I don't use the gmail.

  10. The first of many this year I hope. As long as you're prepared it's nice to do without a little stuff once in awhile....but not heat and light and an occasional battery charger!

  11. I love modern pioneering!! Fun!!

  12. WE usually loose power a couple of times a year and it's kind of fun, as long as it doesn't go into days!

  13. Same thing happens here. In a way I kind of like it.Other than having to haul water out to the horses, donks and goats. Everything is soooo quiet! I noticed the donkeys pictures in the background. Love 'em.

  14. I feel all warm and toasty just looking at your pictures!
    My power hardly ever goes out, our grid is the same as a firehouse and a hospital, so we seldom get to use our candle power. Just as well, I'd prolly just light my house on fire!