Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Encore ~ Neighborhood Watch

George and Alan did such a fine job protecting the ranch last weekend while Lyle and I went on the road that I thought I'd let them show off again in this encore from last September.

There's trouble in the pasture ... trespassers have crawled under the fence.

Sheriff Hank and his two loyal deputies move in to control the situation.

Deputy George looks them in the eye.

Deputy Alan looks them in the other eye.

The big buck tells his girls to move on.

Don't worry, guys! We've got your back!


  1. That's too good ... I love your stories about the guys and how they watch over 7MSN Ranch!

  2. I love you little stories and your pictures are absolutely the best. Keep them coming.

  3. What a hoot! I love the critters & your photos and stories. Thanks!

  4. Coyote's and now antelope. Vigilence can never rest.

  5. Hip Hip hooray for the border patrol!

  6. And they really go UNDER the fence? How will I keep my minis in if I have to fence high enough so the antelope can go under? Eeeeeck...the minis will follow them OUT!