Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Encore ~ The herd meets the pack...and kicks butt

I've left George and Alan in charge while I'm gone this weekend. This episode from March 2009 is a reminder that the ranch is in good hands and I've got nothing to worry about.

It was about 9:00 this morning. I went into the kitchen for another cup of coffee. Smooch followed along but took a detour into the bedroom and hopped up on the window seat. The camera was handy so I thought I'd grab a few shots.

What'cha lookin' at, hon?

Swell. Why do I even bother to plant a garden?

What do you see now, Smooch?

Holy crap.

Run, bunny, run! Before it's too late!

Nevermind. It's too late.

Then out of the corner of my eye, who do I see coming 'round the corner? It's Superburro!

And in the nick of time, too, because now there are three coyotes!

Alan makes his move.

And George is right behind him.

I'll take the one on the left.

I've got the one on the right.

Leave the one in the middle for me!

Hey, great job, guys! Way to go! You don't mind if I just hang back here and watch, do you?

The coyotes didn't seem to know if they were coming or going, but the next thing I knew, they were gone.

I had your back.

We totally had 'em...Bunch of girly-men...Preyin' on that poor little bunny...

I missed the shot where they started high-fivin' each other.

Ahhh...that was a good way to start the day. Now let's go to town and grab a beer.

Something tells me by the time they get down to the saloon, the number of coyotes will have doubled and they will have saved the Easter Bunny and all his relatives. Let them bask in their glory. I'm just happy to have witnessed it.


  1. You know the ranch is safe with all those guys watching over it, minus Lyle, the back up dude.

    Sure gave me a good laugh first thing in the wee hours ... hope you have a great time this week end!

  2. I remember this post from last spring, and I enjoyed seeing the replay. Your equines amaze me...I knew llamas were excellent at repelling coyotes, but I didn't know that burros were, too!
    Another note: Western coyotes are sure smaller than Eastern coyotes!

  3. I've heard of donkeys being very good coyote watchasses. Harhar.

  4. So cute! I'm glad the bunny escaped! Nice story!

  5. awesome teamwork, gang!

  6. Great photos, Linda! Looks like a movie we seeing frame by frame. I can imagine the sound...just amazing!

  7. It was a great post first time around, and it was good for sloppy seconds too. George and Alan always make me smile.

  8. Oh my goodness.. you do have a way with words and pictures. That was wonderful!

    I cant come up with anything to say, as I am grinning ear to ear after reading this post, and looking at the pictures.

    Good dog, for bringing this to your attention!

  9. PS..I rarely call my husband in to read a post.. I had to for this. He loved it..I want your calendar when they come out..and a burro or two!

  10. All it needed was the player piano for some background ambience;-) Excellent job, as always. Hope to see some of your crew in the Talk2theAnimals 1st Annual Photo Contest!

  11. They don't even to seem to be in a hurry - just moseying out there. What an incredible incident. How fun that you got it all on the camera.

    I made a loud HA! when you said you missed the high five shot. I totally didn't see that coming.

    Kristin - The Goat

  12. I am sure all is well without you just for a couple of days.

  13. Range raised animals have that instinct to protect their herds. We bought two heifers when we got this piece of land over 30 years ago and they would take ccyotes off the place. One night we heard the coyotes in the upper pasture and then the yelping as they got sent out. Our herd today has been less aggressive and the coyotes can often run between them to escape me. Good to encourage the coyotes to not stay near even if you don't raise sheep like we do. They will also kill small dogs and cats.

  14. Just as funny- no...even funnier the second time around!

  15. I must have missed this post the first time around! These guys definitely need some capes to wear!
    Great post
    :) Tracey

  16. Awesome post! Just made my day!

  17. Holy crap is right! Your coyotes are so aggressive! I have a Welsh Pembroke Corgi and I watch her like a hawk. She weighs around 20 lbs. So...lunch on a leash. Fortunately, I've only seen coyotes around the roadside in the daytime & not around our house...but I know they are there because they sure kick up a fuss at sundown. Maybe we need to get us a burro! ;-)
    hugs to all,
    Cheryl in IN

  18. What a wonderful Team they make! Hooray for your Fellas! Boo on the Cayotes...!

  19. I love your family of furry critters. I'm glad they came to the bunny's rescue. That's good luck. In my world, anyway. :o)

  20. Seriously - I L O V E your blog! This totally cracked me up in the middle of my day! I've been following for awhile now, but never posted - had to tell you how much you crack me up! Why do you have to live like a 1500 miles away? I would so love to be able to trail ride with you - we'd fall off laughing!!! Keep up the good work (please tell Alan "He da MAN"! for me!)