Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's celebrate! Margaritas for everybody...on the house!

What's all this commotion about? 500 posts, that's what.

I never imagined myself a blogger, but it happened anyway. So to celebrate the life and times of the and to thank each and every one of you for faithfully coming over to ooohh and aaahh at the pictures of my animals, I'm making margaritas today. But here's the catch. All I can supply is my treasured recipe. You'll have to do the rest. Until the technology improves, it's the best I can do.

This recipe is pretty simple - it's all about ratios. You can use it to make one margarita or a bathtub full of margaritas - just keep the ratios the same. I will give you the measurements in parts. How much is a part? As much or as little as you want it to be. For example, a part can be a shot glass, or a cup, or a bottle.

This recipe also allows you to make a standard house margarita, with average-quality ingredients, or if you're in the mood to really splurge, you can make the el grande deluxe super duper margarita, with top-of-the-line-I-just-won-the-lottery ingredients. Let your budget be your guide.

And one more thing. These margaritas never had an official name before, and I've tossed around several before officially christening them Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margaritas. Call them whatever you'd like. Just don't call me in the morning if you drink that whole bathtub full.

Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margaritas

2 parts Tequila (good=Costco, better=José Cuervo, best=Patrón)

1 part Orange Liqueur (good=Triple Sec, better=Cointreau, best=Grand Marnier)

2 parts Sweet and Sour Mix (not Margarita mix; Sweet and Sour mix is yellow and comes in brands like Mr & Mrs T's or Baja Bob's or Master of Mixes)

a splash of Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice

kosher salt

fresh lime

1. Rub a piece of lime around the rim of a glass.
2. Dip the rim in a saucer filled with kosher salt.
3. Squeeze the piece of lime in the glass and throw it in the bottom.

4a. If you have a cocktail shaker, fill the glass part with ice, add all the liquid ingredients, put the metal part over the glass, and shake for at least as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday. Pour the mixture into the glass.

4b. If you don't have a cocktail shaker, fill the salt-rimmed glass with ice.
Add all the liquid ingredients to a blender, then blend for as long as you feel like it. Pour the mixture into the ice-filled glass.

When shaken, the chemicals ingredients in the Sweet and Sour Mix foam up and give these margaritas a nice, airy head. Ergo, when consumed, these margaritas will turn you into an air-head.

Now go forth and mix a margarita, then raise your glass for a toast. To you I say, "Thanks, my friend, for visiting day after day after day, and for letting me share my pictures and my animals with you." Clink.


  1. Love the Blog & all your animals. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Happy 500 postings! The margaritas look yummy!

  3. I'll make 'em tonight! In celebration of your blog and that me & my hubby squeaked past another anniversary - today's was the 29th!

  4. Carson, Thank you, for supplying the recipe, but more importantly, for all the wonderful pictures.

    We all enjoy them so very much.

    Happy 500.

  5. Clink! Here's to you and the 7MSN! Glad to have been a part of it!!

  6. Happy 500th! Love the pictures and occasional stories.

  7. Congrats! I so enjoy your blog and have to live vicariously through you with regards to the donkey brothers. Can't have 'em, some badly. Neighbors just don't appreciate the beauty of a fabulous bray. :(

  8. Scalley Hoot and Nevent....aka....Cheers!!

  9. A Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margarita along with Hungry Rancher-Woman Chicken AND 500 posts ... who could ask for more!?!?! Here's to you Rancher-Woman, let's go for another 500!

  10. Happy 500th!!!!!
    mmm mmm marqauritas

  11. I raise my glass to you, your blog is one of the most interesting and fun ones around. Thanks for the great recipe.

  12. Congratulations, and thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog! We're hoping for many more posts to come!

  13. Congratulations! Happy 500 postings! Thanks for the delicious recipe.

  14. Congratulations on your 500!
    I'm so glad you share your ranch life and animals with us! Thanks!

  15. Ooohhhh....I will take one!!!! Thanks, Linda!!! :)

  16. Woo-Hoo! I figured if Bernard knew a good margarita when he saw one...well, maybe it's time for us to know a good one. Ahhh, I know what I am making this weekend. Oh, crap, why wait for the weekend?

    Congrats on #500! You are an inspiration to us all. (Now don't let that go to your sweet rancher-woman head, ya hear?)


  17. HAPPY 500!! Yum.........looks good. Here's to 7msn and her crew!!

    Thank you so much for letting us peek in on you guys....


  18. I was thinking about you and your critters yesterday. They always look so happy and healthy and I appreciate so much how loved they are. Congratulations on 500 posts! And they've all been fun, exciting, loving -- quite an accomplishment.

    May life bring you and those you love unexpected moments of joy each and every day.

  19. Happy 500 Carson. You see bartending came in handy even if you did wind up on a ranch 7 miles south of nowhere.
    Raising a glass to you too!
    Best always, Sandra

  20. I enjoy your blog so much, Linda! A big congrats on 500 posts!!! :-)

  21. Congratulations! Here's to 500 more.....clink

  22. CONGRATULATIONS on your 500 Posts! That is such an accomplishment...I say Bravo to you!
    And If I drank, I would have a Margarita in your Honor! I look forward to at least 500 more posts...!

  23. CongRats & Thank You!!! I've written down your recipe and put it in my "favs" book. Next stop...the chemical store ;~)

  24. The photo made my mouth water and made me want to grab some chips ansd some salsa. Thanks for the recipe

  25. Just looked this up... We're getting ready to enjoy these with Don's mom. Cheers, Carson. xo