Saturday, May 23, 2009

On the road again with Willie

Willie has such a hard life, what with all the sleeping and eating he has to do. Since his buddy Waylon passed on two years ago, his only job around here is to harass Wynonna, and he's very good at it. With his advancing age – he's 13 now – Willie is suffering from arthritis. It seemed to be getting much worse recently, so I scheduled an appointment with the vet to see if there is something we could do to make him more comfortable.

The last time Willie went anywhere was during the big move to the 7MSN, when I had lots of helpers. This time, I had to figure out how to transport him by myself. I decided the least stressful way for both of us would be to get him into the large dog crate and slide the crate up a ramp into the back seat of the truck. I didn't have a ramp but my ladder served the purpose.

Wynonna was uncharacteristically concerned about her buddy's departure.

Deets came over to offer Willie some parting words of advice, then it was time for the big push.

Mission accomplished. I was feeling pretty proud that my plan had worked.

Smooch wished us a safe journey, and we were on our way.

The vet said Willie was the oldest goat he had ever treated, which surprised me. He thought the best option for relieving Willie's joint pain would be a shot of the steroid Depo-Medrol. If it works, which I should be able to tell in two or three days, then he will dispense it so I can give it to Willie monthly.

Willie seemed to take the appointment in stride. He thoroughly investigated the treatment room and peed across its entirety, the clinic staff fawned all over him, and he went back into the crate willingly when it was time to go.

We arrived home safe and sound, and when last seen, Willie was running off to tell all his buddies about his big adventure.


  1. Aww....what a great goat mama you are...13 years..that's impressive. He looks like a happy, if a bit achy, boy! Hope the steroids help!

  2. I'm sure the real Willie could come out and commiserate with your Willie. Just don't let him offer him any of HIS medicinal herbs of choice. Or maybe that would help.

  3. *sigh* I love experiencing your life vicariously through the blog. Your 4 leggeds are amazing, love the photos you take of them!

  4. Wow, Willie is 13! That is awfully old for a goat! Hopefully he will be feeling better soon! Love how you got him in your truck! So creative, you are!
    My goats are getting up there in age too. 2 of them are now 7 and the other 2 are around 5. I have a couple that have a hard time getting around, I think they have arthritis too.

  5. That's so sweet that everyone came out to wish him well and make sure he was okay. You're a good mom to make sure that he's comfortable and not in pain. Steroids are actually pretty amazing. I hope they do the trick.

  6. Sweet Willie - these old timers are all going to the vet this week - Can you give a goat glucosamine?

  7. Victoria, from what I gather from this vet, oral supplements are pretty much worthless on ruminants - it might work as an injectable.

  8. I hope the shot works for Willie. It's hard to get older and deal with the pains and aches that come with it. I hate to see any of my guys not feeling well as I'm sure you do too. I like that all his friends were concerned about him.

  9. you know Dr. Barb Merickel? I met her when we were to the ranch in February. She has Cardigan Welsh Corgis and she took us herding. She is a goat vet too and I really liked her. I don't have any goats...yet.

  10. Very smart idea! I would have never thought of transporting that way. I hope the shot will help. :)