Sunday, March 15, 2009

darling dogs and wild horses

Two dear friends made their first trek to the 7MSN this weekend, accompanied by their precious Bichon Frisés.

I do not need another dog...I do not need another dog...Remind me of that when I start to weaken, ok?

As we sat drinking coffee this morning, N. told me about a friend – David Cramer – in Placitas, New Mexico, who is a fabulous photographer of wild horses, among other things. We checked out his website, and his images are jaw-dropping good. You might find yourself gasping out loud when you look at them. Go to his main gallery page here, then click on "wild and free ranging horses." He also offers photography workshops to the BLM herd management areas where these wild horses roam. Guess who's going to be signing up.


  1. his wild horse photos are amazing, thank you for sharing

  2. his are great but I really enjoy your phtotography too.

  3. Your little furry guests were too cute, my heart still broke for Smooch peeking in the window. It's like "What in the world!?!?!", although I remember you saying she is kept seperate from guest dogs.

    The wild horse photographs are truly beautiful, and how neat that you will signing up!

  4. Thanks for the link, those were great. The horses fighting always scare me a bit. Cool music playing, too!
    Those little white "fluffball" dogs are TOO cute. And I hear they are great for those w/allergies, as they have hair not fur, and don't shed much?

  5. his pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing, the pooches are adorable also

  6. I think you need another dog... hee hee. Thanks for sharing the horse photos.. breathtaking!


  7. Smooch is looking a little left out there....

    I wasn't able to load the website. I'll have to give it a shot from work tomorrow. I do love wild horse photos. I'm also wildly envious of YOU. I'm sure I could find a way to take a workshop too, but I have to stay focused on my big D dream. It's feeling mighty overwhelming at the moment....

    I can't wait to see the results of your workshop though. When do you go?

  8. Smooch is definitely saying "No! to another dog, although if you had one more family member; she'd look after them. After the proper introduction, of course!

    My Grama's house is between Bernalillo and Placitas. That's home for me! :)

    I love David's site. Thanks for sharing him with us; but no one can replace you and your bunch!

  9. What a great workshop opportunity!!! He has beautiful photos, thanks for sharing

  10. Great photography. But those little ones are just too adorable. Are you sure you do not need another dog...

  11. Oh those dogs are gorgeous.

  12. Those dogs are adorable. I really love his photography but yours is so amazing.

  13. Thanks for sharing David Cramer's site -- I sort of thought when you were pining for another dog you'd opt for one of the funny looking herding dogs like mine! The Bichon look awfully ready to cuddle though.

  14. Dang, his site isn't up today...for me anyhow...ya'll must have broke it!!! I'll keep trying...

    Those lil' faces are so cute...but poor Smooch...she's looking pretty concerned!

  15. You may know already, but in case you don't... The great poet Mary Oliver has a bichon frises, Percy, whom she is trying to make famous. Any pet lover understands the intimacy described in Percy 3:

    Little Dog's Rhapsody in the Night
    (Percy Three)

    He puts his cheek against mine
    and makes small, expressive sounds.
    And when I'm awake, or awake enough

    He turns upside down, his four paws
    in the air
    and his eyes dark and fervent.

    Tell me you love me, he says.
    Tell me again.

    Could there be a sweeter arrangement?
    Over and over
    he gets to ask it.
    I get to tell.

    Mary Oliver