Monday, February 23, 2009

Roundpen Reasoning

After a week of driver's education, George and Alan are making some progress, and I reasoned that before we go much further, we should have a proper driving range. I've heard something about "sand surfing" being an unintended consequence of such training and decided if I were going to be pulled through the dirt by an over-achieving burro, I'd rather be in the confines of a smaller area than the arena. So yesterday, it was time to dissasemble the horse hotel and reconstruct a roundpen.

My able assistant Deets directed the project.

Deets, I could use you over here, please.

If you've ever ad libbed a round pen and ended up with a lopsided oval pen, try this method. Drive a stake in the middle of the circle, attach a rope that's the length of the radius, then scuff your feet along the circumference, channeling your inner compass. Then all you have to do is set your panels along your scuff marks.

Then close yourself in the middle of the pen so you can finish your projects without all the extra help being offered.

Phase Two of yesterday's roundpen reasoning involved building a few obstacles for the driving course. Little does George know that he will soon be learning to cross that bridge when we get to it.


  1. Looks like a fun project - complete with helpers!

  2. Good idea and there is nothing like have extra assistance and direction from all involved. I swear horses and donkey's are the nosiest critters on earth. And they say curiosity killed the cat!

  3. Wow, aren't you clever. Looks like you have a lot of curious supervisors. Poor George...doesn't know what's coming, does he?

  4. I can hardly wait for an update on your project, and also to see how it went with your helpers. HA, they all sure seem extra interested.

  5. "channelling your inner compass?? Really???

    I think Deets did excellent work...

  6. That is a great idea, for making a circle! ;)
    Can't wait to see the finished project...and see the little guys working those obstacles!!

  7. I'm interested to see how you create a bridge obstacle. I've been wanting to do that myself since my horses have never run into a wooden bridge and I'd rather not have the first run in be out on the trail.

  8. Woman you never cease to amaze me. That circle/rope trick. Brilliant!
    And you're building a bridge. I swear there is nothing you can't do!! I bow down!!

  9. Good thing you've got such good helpers with your project. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  10. I'm impressed. And very interested to see how the driving lessons go. I've been thinking about teaching Siete to pull a cart or a sleigh. Isn't it funny how all you have to do to get your horse's riveted attention is ignore him and do something really noisy? When we get out the chain-saw and rev it, our horses are always fascinated.