Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new friend...or lunch?

Ten pounds of Cairn Terrier named Sam came to visit on Sunday.

And he stopped 3,200 pounds of equine right in their tracks.

We don't get alot of company out here, and the boys are always interested in who comes to visit. But their response to Sam went beyond simple curiosity.

Maybe they found him as cute and lovable as I did.

Or maybe they thought he'd make a tasty appetizer.

Lyle tried to convince my guests that he was as cute and lovable as Sam.

And Hank was his usual media-whore self.

Have you noticed something a little odd about these photos? Like the color of the sky? Alas, it was a grey day in New Mexico. We get about five a year. My guests didn't seem to mind. In the company of animals, it's pretty easy to have a good time no matter what the weather.


  1. Both of my horses are fascinated with our little Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix. The Dobie, not so much.

  2. awwww cute visitor and too funny to see how curious the BIG critters are. they are charming!

  3. Cute reactions to your visitor, BUT what did Smooch think of Sam?

  4. Pat, I have a totally irrational fear of dog skirmishes, so whenever canine visitors come to call, Smooch stays in her space, they stay in theirs, and never the twain shall meet. I'm such a party pooper.

  5. Lol! That's the laugh I needed this morning. What a perky little fellow he is. And, your boys were all very well-mannered hosts.

  6. Awww, what a cute dog! No wonder the horses stopped.
    Wondering if you're going to get snow from all these storms. It's sopping wet here and yesterday was very gray!

  7. I think the fluffy eyebrows made George and Alan think they'd met a tiny cousin!

  8. Media whore!!! haaaaa! I love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to inform and entertain us!!

  9. My Jenny does not like dogs! She will chase them. So I was looking on in wonderment. Did that dog stay on the leash all day? Ohhh don't let it met donkey feet!

  10. My hat is off to you..Linda,

    I am not the greatest typist or have decent grammar but I love reading about others experiences with equus.

    It looks like you have found your little slice of heaven!

    We call those size dogs "hawk dogs" sounds like "hot dogs" so kind of funny..

    I am working hard online to achieve mine. My wife horse trains and I am a wrench. But our love rests is horses and family.

    I will have to follow your posts..

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  11. Awww, Sam is such a cutie pie!

  12. Cairns are so wonderful - my own Roxy pup is half Cairn Terrier. Their attitude, personality and intelligence are 10x the size of their (unbeknownst to them) small bodies! :-)

  13. My friends raise Cairn Terriers. Smart little fellows and fast runners. Do you think he was telling your boys something? They definitely look like they're listening.

  14. Ah, not a snake after all. Very cute pup!

    I too, do not like dog fights, and so my dogs get locked up (in my bedroom with all the fluffy pillows) every time a dog comes to visit.

  15. Hehe, ohhh now it makes sense. Funny how obvious puzzles seem when they're completed eh?