Monday, November 10, 2008

Cowgirls' Weekend - The Herd's Perspective

The resident herd looks forward to Cowgirls' Weekend as much as I do. They are very accommodating when guest horses arrive and happily share their barn and corral. Lyle just wishes he weren't confined to quarters with a sore foot... That is much better today, by the way. The farrier and I suspect that an uneven heel compressed Lyle's pastern joint, causing the pain during Saturday's ride. He evened up that heel a bit, and Lyle is doing much better today.

I used portable corral panels to set up three 12' x 24' pens. Have I mentioned lately how much I love portable corral panels? Each of our guests had a place to call home, and Hank tried to steal breakfast from all of them.

Deets thought it was pretty cool to have multiple water sources, so he held a water tasting. Perhaps he was inspired by the cowgirls' wine tasting the previous evening. Ahh...not too sweet, mature yet sturdy, and a complexity that comes from subtle notes of Timothy and Orchard.

Yum...very complex nose, and the flavors have a savory quality – big, round and rich with enticing hints of Fescue.

George had his eye on Hope...or perhaps just her hay.

Back off, Burrito!

Homer and Hank shared their own tete-a-tete, but as we learned yesterday, what's discussed at the 7MSN stays at the 7MSN, so their secrets are safe with me.


  1. Awesome as usual!
    Love the water tasting by the kitty!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your post.

  3. "Back off, burrito!" Ha Ha, that's good! ;)
    Hotel de 7msn looks purrrfect!

  4. Ah yes, portable panels...what did I ever do without them in years past!! Love them.

    Wonderful horse hotel!

  5. Great pictures and commentaries. Love Deets and his water tasting adventures.

  6. I'm so glad that Lyle's injury isn't too serious. I've become a fan of these Soft Ride boots that Siete has been wearing. You might want to check them out. They're so easy to use and Siete thinks they're comfy. Love the Cowgirl Weekend - wish I could teleport myself and Silk to the 7MSN right now!