Friday, October 24, 2008

Who doesn't love a good house tour?

Julia has organized a Hooked on Houses Blog Party – a fantasy open house, as it were – and I've decided to participate. When you click on her link, you'll find links to a bunch of other Open Houses in progress. Go ahead and snoop around. And come on back if you've ever wondered what the inside of Rancher Woman's house looks like.

Good, you're back! Wasn't that fun? I'll pretend you've just driven up and take you on the grand tour, ok?

Welcome, my friend! Did you have any trouble finding this place? Sorry about the road...kind of bumpy, huh? Do you need to use the restroom? No? OK. Let's go on through this gate.

This is my pathetic garden. The water kills just about everything, but I have fun trying.

Here, let's go on the front porch. The main entrance is the first door on the left, and that door at the end leads into my office.

Welcome to my happy little home. I think it's about 1,350 heated square feet. The floor is stained concrete. I LOVE it because it's indestructible - perfect for ranch living. I love it almost as much as my wood stove.

Let's walk over to my office.

This is where you'll find me during the week, chained to my desk. But I'm not complaining. People who are allowed to work from home are never allowed to complain. I can hop out that door any time I want to go play with the herd.

The southern exposure helps keep this room warm in the winter. I love geraniums, could you tell? But they're toxic to cats so I can't keep them on the windowsill where my darling felines might snack on them. Rosebud, did you want to wake up and say hello to our guests? I didn't think so.

Let's stop here for a closeup of the fake-tooled-leather-covered half-wall that always seems to dazzle our non-virtual guests.

I found the fabric online, used spray adhesive to stick it on the wall, then found upholstery nailheads to trim it out. Where did I get that idea? I don't know - it just seemed like a more interesting thing to do than paint.

Over here we have the guest bathroom. The sign over the toilet? Oh, I saw it advertised in the back of Western Horseman magazine and ordered one. The frame around the mirror? A lady in Mountainair made that. The horseshoes in each corner? That one was Hank's, that one was Lyle's, that one was from EmmyLou - Lyle's mom, and that one I found here on the land. I always wonder about the cowboy who might have been riding the horse who wore it...sigh...

And here is the guest room. You're not allergic to cats, are you?

Next time you come, I promise I'll clean and straighten up the pillows.

You have your own entry. It leads out to the horse porch and the guest corral. Why is the lid open on the grill? Umm...let's not go there. But if you really must know, click here.

Let's wander on back to the dining room. There's the table and butt benches I picked up in Ruidoso, remember?

And here is the kitchen. That glow on the ceiling? Oh, that's one of those light tubes. There's one in the laundry room, too. They're perfect for rooms that don't have a window.

And here's more of that fake leather with nailhead trim. I hammered in each and every one of those little stinkers - what a p.i.t.a.

This is the laundry room/mud room and home to the infamous camouflaged cat box. That door to the right? That goes into the garage. We'll save that for the Fantasy Garage Tour.

Let's head on back to the owner's suite - isn't that what they're called these days instead of master bedroom? I think so. Anyway, it's back off the kitchen. This is where Rancher Woman sleeps, over on that half anyway. Smooch sleeps on top of the saddle blanket.

And there's the view out the front. Oh, look. There's Hank.

And there's Smooch...staring at the ceiling fan. Go figure. The cats do love the window seat, and so do I.

Come on, Smooch, let's go outside and show them the horse porch. No, we're not going to show them my bathroom! There are too many used clothes on the floor.

This is where I bring the horses to tack them up. I prefer to keep my tack in the garage so it stays clean, and this is a pretty convenient arrangement.

Do you have time to take a walk around front to see what the outside looks like? It will only take a second. Come on.

Here, you'll get a better view if we walk out a little further.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Come visit again whenever you're in the neighborhood.


  1. Oh just lovely! Love NM...LOVE horse folks! It all looks so exotic to me...could move in in a skinny minute!

    Thanks for the tour!

  2. Hi, Linda! I've got my boots on and I'm ready for the tour.

    I love your blog. Great quote of the day! (That could be my motto when it comes to gardening. Ha.)

    And I love your story of leaving the rat race and moving to New Mexico where you didn't know anyone. That would make a great book or movie. Have you ever read "50 Acres & a Poodle"? It's a memoir about a professional city gal who moves to a farm with her poodle--one of my favorite books.

    Anyway. I really enjoyed the tour of your place. What gorgeous views you have! And I think that stained concrete floor is really smart. I could use one of those around here myself, and I live in the suburbs (just have messy kids). Your bathroom is great--I'm really digging the cowgirl sign and the mirror and everything.

    Thanks for joining the blog party and inviting us into your home! -Julia :-)

  3. Awesome home, great decor and so wonderfully secluded and it must be so enriching to be around so many different animals. I'd love to experience that!

  4. Fantastic house! I would have loved to have a place to tie up my horses right out back as a kid. Did you do the concrete floors yourself? I've been thinking of doing them here, but I wonder if it's to heavy for our house with a basement underneath. They look beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

  5. What a great home you have! I love those stained concrete floors - what a great idea. And the leather on the walls, all of it. Your photos are fantastic. Thank you for the tour! :)

  6. Gorgeous house, full of character! I loved this home tour, so glad that you did it. Love your blog, and your story.

  7. Emily@remodelingthislife10/24/08, 6:31 PM

    Oh your home is beautiful. Sure makes me miss living out West!

  8. love your sky watch photo and love your home! its beautiful inside and out!

  9. Too cool! I love your place, it's so homey and unique, and totally reflects your personality. I love the sentiment of the bathroom mirror design, with your horse's shoes. And I think you were very creative with the faux tooled leather....I love that idea! I wish I could be a guest and hang on the horse porch with a glass of lemonade!

  10. Your home is awesome! Love the views. Wow! Thanks for sharing with us on Julia's blog party.

  11. First, we must tell you that we had a dog growing up named smooch - and we thought we were the only ones!! Give a big ol' smooch to smooch for us will ya?
    Your home has so many neat decorating ideas! You are quite clever with your fabric and nailheads - it is just the perfect thing for your home! You must love sitting out on that porch in the evening!
    That bathroom is the cutest thing! Right down to the color!
    Thank you so much for having us over!
    Karla & Karrie

  12. Thanks for the tour. I love your concrete floors.

  13. Your place is so bright and sunny! Love the view too!

  14. Thanks so much for inviting me in. You have a great place!

  15. Victoria Cummings10/25/08, 4:10 AM

    If I was really visiting you, I could stay snuggled in that cozy guest bed, maybe with a cat to keep me company. Instead, I have to go outside now in the cold and the dark to feed the horses. If I was visiting you, I'll bet you'd serve a little cheese with my whine. Great house, love the leather and the little brass studs. Very King Ranch.

  16. Hi...I enjoyed the tour of your wonderful home and especially your friendly "chatting" as we went along...LOL. You made me feel very welcomed indeed. ;-) Bo

  17. Wow. Thank you all for taking the tour. Now I really wish I would have cleaned first.

    Rue, I had the contractor do the concrete floors as the house was being built. In this case, the floor is the actual slab of the house. I'm not sure how stained concrete would work if there's a basement underneath.

  18. What a view! My goodness that is amazing. What a cute house!!! I haven't seen anything southwestern in ages - what a treat!!! The colors, the casual atmosphere. Really great!!!
    Love that photo of the dog on the bed - just precious.

  19. Beautiful, just beautiful! I LOVE your stained cement floor! That's what I need, with 3 big dogs! Our carpet is worn out and needs to be ripped out and I really don't want to pay $$$$ for tile! I love all the warm wood you have in your house, too! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Very homey! When can I come visit? (hee, hee!)

  20. Your home is amazing! What a view you have too!! I love the flooring.

  21. Beautiful place!
    Any chance you could come to my house and make it look as clean/tidy as yours? My darned family leaves stuff laying about everywhere!!
    Thanks for the tour.

  22. Love your home! What a great tour! I just love the stained concrete. More and more people are having that done inside their homes. Couldn't ask for anything easier to care for! I love geraniums, too... can't wait until next Spring to plant some. I love the wood branches up along your fence. Hmmm, seems like I just "love" everything today! Ha! Thanks for the tour. Karen

  23. What a beautiful, gorgeous, home you have and you're a wonderful hostess. I laughed to see that Smooch takes up a little more than half the bed...

    Anyway, we can chat more in a little while. I'm on my way over. Start fluffin' up those pillows!

  24. What a great place you have. Its a wonder you ever leave! Or do you ever leave??? Must be very peaceful and calming...even when you get all your lovely animal noises!

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  26. You have a beautiful home! (and your leather living room furniture is exactly what I've been looking for)

  27. Oh...the views!! I love it all...right from the entry gate. It seems the concrete floors are a "fan favorite" and I'd have to agree. Love them. It all seems like so much more than the square footage to me. It's a really great use of space. Thanks for the tour!

  28. Thanks for the great tour. I love New Mexico and those gorgeous mountains. Congratulations on making your dreams come true. You're great inspiration for the rest of us still running in the rat race. :-)

  29. You mean you didn't clean first? You could have fooled me!! You have the most beautiful home, I love your decor, it has individuality and uniqueness.

    I have always hated those "picture perfect" homes you see in magazines...everything looks so planned out and un-lived in.

    Your home makes me wish I could have something similar someday, and in as wonderful of location!

  30. i am allergic to cats - but i have two of my own, so i just pretend that i'm not. ;)

    i love your home. very inviting. i love the concrete floors! and the view!

  31. Wow - so glad to have found you from PW's comments section. Loved the tour. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can live, the life that I always wanted, vicariously through your blog.

  32. Great tour, love your floor, the views, the lifestyle and nice to see your babies all nice and cozy too. Thanks for showing your beautiful home :) Take care, Pennie

  33. That was a LOVELY tour! Thanks for sharing! Have always wanted to live in the outback and your place has such amazing colours!

    Greetings from West Africa,

  34. Gorgeous...the house, and the terrain!

  35. Absolutely gorgeous and very peaceful looking. I love that floor, that couldn't have turned out better. Just beautiful!

  36. I just finished your tour. Thank you! Your home is lovely and I am loving those cement floors. I have maple and while pretty wood still scratches with all the stuff that gets tracked in.

  37. Your office is like HEAVEN!! I work in a cube, in the city, instert whining and crying! My dog and cat and I will move right in and keep ya company :-) lovely home
    theresa in alberta

  38. This was a lot of fun having a look around your place! I'm suprised, I actually DO remember the table & chairs, and the kitty door too! =)

  39. Wow! You have a wonderful house! Your home is so nice, so cozy! Thanks for sharing!

  40. The house tour was fun! I'm so glad I found your site - a daily visit always makes me smile.