Friday, September 5, 2008

The Hay Man cometh, and he looks suspiciously like Rancher Woman

When last we visited the hay barn, Rancher Woman was busy unloading and stacking 60 bales of hay – a small stash to last until the Hay Man's much anticipated delivery of the yearly supply in July.

She diligently called Hay Man every two weeks since mid-May.

Have you cut my hay yet?

No, call me again in two weeks. Should be ready then. It's lookin' real good.

Hi, Hay Man. Me again. Have you cut my hay yet?

Not yet, but it's lookin' real good. Call me again in two weeks.

Eight phone calls and 16 weeks later...

Have you cut my hay yet? Hello? Hay Man? Are you there?

Ma'am, I cut your hay, then it got rained on...three times.

There's just no controlling Mother Nature. Alas, I had to scramble to find another source. And I did. But he doesn't deliver.

So I went last week and picked up 92 bales, filling my horse trailer and truck to the brim. Then I came home and stacked it.

And yesterday, I picked up another 92 bales.

Then I came home and stacked it.

I could do all the math and calculate how many pounds of hay I've loaded and unloaded and stacked in the last week, but my brain is the only body part that doesn't hurt right now and I'd hate to sprain it.

There is room in the hay barn for 80 more bales...only one more load to go.


  1. I am exhausted for you!

  2. We're having the same problem with all the wet weather this year. I keep asking my dear Hay Man (he's a sweetheart) when and he now tells me either the end of this month or beginning of October. So, I'm hoping that Hanna kicks through here tonight and I can make my Sunday hay run tomorrow morning or we're in big trouble. I'd love to have 184 bales of hay right now - You go get 'em while you can, Rancher Woman!

  3. Whew! That's a LOT of work!

    I have enjoyed reading the past entries in your blog so very, very much. Too much to be exact! I need to stop reading and get to working!

  4. Ugh! I feel your pain. I usually get 200 bales at a time and with the 4 horses that's now only lasting 3 or 4 months. I get timothy grass and feed free choice, so they go through alot. I just got some in and it was TEN bucks/bale!! Yikes!! They're 54# bales, but that's gone way up from $7/bale last year. So, I need to find a new source.

    Take lots of ibupropen. That's what keeps me going these days!


  5. Wow - you are the Queen as far as I'm concerned. Sending you a virtual margarita and something yummy to eat along with it.

  6. Wow! You must be really STRONG! I can handle the shavings bags by myself, but my husband has to stack hay, and even he usually injures himself after half a dozen bales.

  7. Yowza! That's a lotta work. Very impressive! Evidence that you love Hank and Lyle very much, indeed. I think Rancher Woman could very well be the new Super Woman.

  8. Rancher Woman, you are my HERO! That takes some stamina, and I have a heck of a time just stacking 1 ton of hay! I'm so lazy I'll pay some local boys to stack it for definitely deserve to kick back with your favorite libation!

  9. Are you doing all the loading and unloading ALL BY YOURSELF?? If so, I feel like a real loser. I always round up as much family and friends as I can convince just to help me get my 1 ton of hay every 2 months. Tomorrow is my hay day. It sure does feel good, though, to have a fully stocked hay barn, doesn't it?
    Love that last picture! Hang in there - I'd totally help you if I were closer. :-)

  10. Rancher Woman,
    You are one strong cowgirl, but I hope you are pacing yourself. That last picture of you just makes me wince. Yow! You luck plumb tired!

    Looks like a strong wind would blow you right over flat. haha!

    I wish I could have been there when you were bucking that hay, 'cause I'd have made you a tall cold glass of something refreshing, feed you brownies, and pour you a warm bath with epsom salts. Oh, and lay out a handful of Ibuprofen.

    'Cause girl! You need to take it easy and give your poor aching body a break. :)

    Hang in there (and give Smooch and hug for me)


  11. Goodness! You must be exhausted.

  12. RW, I'm impressed. I get my hay delivered and I do my part. However, I'm on the thing side with not that much upper body strength. We stack the hay four bales high in our stable and I can only get a bale up to the third level. Fortunately, I have a young guy who delivers my hay and he takes care of the high ones.


  13. That's impressive, lady! Poor you! You deserve a hot bath and a margarita for sure.

    I am getting desperate for hay. I need at least 300 bales for the winter. My barn has never been so empty! I can only haul 75 at a time with my truck and trailer but I know I would never be able to load it that high myself. And I don't want to risk my truck with all the driving. I have been having mucho car problems lately and am feeling very superstituous that something bad would happen. No, I'm looking for a deliverer.

  14. Holy Smokes!! You are some kind of MACHINE!!
    Wow is all I can say


  16. Ahh...throwing hay bales around. One thing I don't miss...but will probably have to do yet again in a few months! =S