Friday, September 19, 2008

The burros' big adventure

George and Alan (and I) had a big adventure today...we went all the way to Albuquerque to visit our favorite vet. Not to worry – they are not sick or injured. But they were due for their rabies shots (which I'm not allowed to administer because of some arcane state law), and I wanted to have their teeth checked as long as we were there.

I backed up the trailer into the corral (can you hear me patting myself on the back?), opened the door, and in they went. We had done a dress rehearsal last weekend where they hopped right in, but I still allowed an hour for loading just in case. Great. Now I've got 55 minutes to spare. Might as well take a few pictures.

These guys don't get stressed about anything.

Unlike me, who was stressing about the 11.4 miles of bumpy dirt road and 80 miles on the interstate.

But we arrived safely after an uneventful trip. With a few carrots and a little coaxing, George and Alan leaped out of the trailer (literally...they hate stepping on the loading ramp so they just jump over it, but that's part of another story called "I hate my new trailer" which you'll hear about later) and walked into one of the outdoor holding pens.
Our favorite vet suggested we might snub them to a post so they learn they can't pull back when he inserts the needle, to which I replied, "they'll stand calmly if I just hug them." And they did not disappoint. He checked their teeth, and they did not need to be floated. I mentioned that they like to eat dirt, so he listened long and hard to their gut sounds for the rumbles of shifting sand but heard nothing. He even said their weights were just right! I was a little worried he might think they Apparently all that wrestling is burning up the pasture calories. Both burros received a clean bill of health and my bill was a pittance compared to what I usually spend there.

Can we go now, please?

So George and Alan's first trip to the vet was a resounding success. They didn't mind the traveling, and the social interaction was good training for them. They were a little disappointed we didn't stop for ice cream on the way home, but seemed to understand that getting the trailer stuck in the drive-thru would be a bad thing. They were well compensated with carrots once we arrived home.


  1. Did you train George and Alan to load/unload? I'd like to know
    Jasmine just KNOWS that the trailer is going to eat her and it doesn't help when I bought her we had to wrestle her into the trailer. Great pics, gorgeous asses! :)

  2. They are just the BEST! I love that you told the vet they'd be fine as long as you hugged them. What a great family you all are.

  3. *Pat on the back to you!* Good job girl! They sure are some fine looking long-ears :)

  4. Great pictures and a great story. We need to take our horses soon to our vet, Matt Paxton, to get their fall shots. I know I could probably do it, but I like having him look at them twice a year as he might spot something I would miss. Plus, it's good experience for them.


    Corrales, NM

  5. What good donkeys! I'm glad they have a clean bill of health. They're so cute.


  6. Whatta road trip to get to the vet!! Woo hoo, but then I guess it's like here, not many large animal vets in certain areas?

    I am absolutely in love with George and Alan ... they are simply the coolest. I gotta get me a pair, but mmmmm, how on earth do I talk my husband into that!?!?! I just don't think I could sneak them in ... LOL!!

    As usual, neat pictures, especially the last one.

  7. You must have been so proud of both of them - and yourself for all the good work you did to get them ready for this trip.

    I'm so happy they're healthy - but not at all surprised.

    I bet they were glad to get home and get all those carrots!!

  8. Pretty cool, considering they were once wild, little, burros-right?

    They are really quite cute...almost as cute as Wynona! :)

  9. What good boys! Glad they're healthy. Oh my, they're so adorable. LOL - they'll hold still if you hug them. Oooo we'd like to give-um a hug too!
    --George & Alan Fan
    Thank you for the pictures!

  10. I agree with Pat - I love George and Alan. I come by just to check on them!

    I feel like I know them personally with your great photography and text.

    And while it may have been a pain to haul them to the vet, I bet they loved the new scenery, even if it did mean a little poking and prodding.

    Keep up the excellent work and can't wait to hear your next story.

  11. Just thought I would comment and give you some food for thought. Have you ever checked out the website There is also a yahoo group with loads of information regarding vaccines and their necessity. It's something I would never consider doing to my animals again, even the outdoor cats. I also live in the country.


  12. I love reading about different places and people. I will be back again. Fantastic pictures! Oh and I found you through your comment on The Martha Blog! :)

  13. Next friday I am doing the same thing. Sophie and Dora will have to be loaded into my jeep, unwillingly I might add, and hauled to the vet for yearly shots. My Sophie will be a bit "mule headed" to say the least.

    But all in all, loading two dauchshunds, one 7 pounds, the other 8 should not be as eventful as your two cuties.

    Ahh....visits to the vet. Worse than taking kids to the pediatrician for shots.

  14. J - figures that since you're the only male commenter on this blog, you only come here to see my ass-es. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) Thanks for the kind words.

    Liz, I will check out that website about vaccines. Thanks for the tip. I stopped vaccinating my indoor cats many years ago upon the advice of a vet, and only vaccinate my outdoor cat and my dog for rabies. My horses...well, that's a different story.

    Far side of 50 - glad you found me. Stop by any time - we love visitors.

    Coloradolady, you had me going...I was thinking Sophie and Dora must be really small horses or you had a Grand Cherokee.

  15. George and Alan are such good boys...and a clean bill of health...that's great and you know it's because you take such great care of them and give them bunches of Love :)

  16. These two are a fun part of my day when I get to visit your site. They are adorable and I love how they are calm when you hug them.