Thursday, August 14, 2008

A walk on the wild side

It started out as a nature walk, a peaceful afternoon stroll with Smooch around the fenceline to photograph the flora and fauna that is the 7MSN mid-monsoon season.

Our first stop was a patch of desert 4'oclock, a lovely, wild, purple flowering plant that allegedly blooms once a day at 4:00. This picture was taken at 5:30. This plant is as confused about daylight savings time as I am.

Next stop was a delicate little bush with pretty white flowers.
No idea what it is.

We turned the northeast corner of the ranch and headed west across the prairie, formerly known as the desert. Where did all this grass come from??

I couldn't imagine posting pictures of just plain flowers, so I insisted that Smooch pose next to them. She got a little annoyed at all my requests to sit and stay but cooperated nonetheless. This yellow plant is broom snakeweed.

Are we done yet? No. Now just enjoy the grass while we've got it.

Wildflowers of all varieties have been dormant during the draught, but give them a little rain and they'll sprout, even in the middle of the road. This road doesn't see much traffic. Actually this road doesn't see any traffic. So these pretty flowers should enjoy a long and happy life.

Wouldn't these pictures look better without Smooch's leash? Yes, they would. Except without the leash, there wouldn't be any pictures, as Smooch would be in the next county chasing a jackrabbit or an antelope, and I would be having a panic attack.

I've got enough to worry about right another troublesome neighborhood gang standing between me and the house.

And the guy with the yellow ear tag? The biggest gangsta of them all? He's a bull, and nothing's gonna come between him and his girls.

See how the rumble on the road turns out tomorrow, same time, same place.


  1. She did a lovely job of posing with the flowers. Those cows are so dark looking and that sky.. we don't have that view here. Lovely..

  2. SO, that's what is blooming under my horse trailer!! Desert 4'oClock!
    HOw funny that you posted this today, of all days. I was stumped at who may have plated these flowers right in front of my barn. haha They are desert wildflowers, eh?
    The flowers remind me of those common garden flowers sold in flats in almost every store.

    I enjoyed seeing all the pics of your desert flowers because they are so familiar, especially now with all the rain we've been getting.

    Looks like those yellow flowers did finally get some traffic....from Smooch and those gangsta cows! hehe

    So, does Smooch have some greyhound in her breeding then?
    I bet she does love all the freedom to run while on your property.

  3. The green on the desert landscape is really intense, especially with that bright blue sky. Though I can still see the reds and purples in the earth - one of my favorite things about New Mexico. Watch out for that bull - I know someone who just got gored by a bull while visiting India - scary boys who mean business!

  4. Lovely! My husband was telling me that his landscape photographer group have been flocking to NM to get photos of the wildflowers after all the rain.

    Oh my gosh - the bull!

  5. oh how pretty..i love that confused daylight plant...wish i had me some!
    how old is Smooches?
    I love the 'gangstas' you come across on your travels lol

    did they bother you?? Would that bull charge you if you came too close?

    how exiting!

  6. Hey, I have been reading here for a while, just hardly comment. Smooch makes the photos so much more interesting. If I let my two weiners off their leash, they would be in the next county. Really enjoyed your post today....and smooch.

  7. Smooch tolorates posing quite well. I'm still geekin' on how green everything is. Beautiful pictures.

    Your neighborhood gang problem cracks me up.

  8. White flowers are sweet alyssum. Get a cheap package of seeds and let loose. They're easy to grow and the fragrance is sweet - get it?

    The story is gripping.

  9. My husband was just commenting that he didn't know it was so green there. You have much greener grass than we do right now. Smooch is a good model.