Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seattle by proxy

The average annual rainfall in this part of New Mexico is about 8 inches. So that means in the last 3 weeks, 68% of this year's allotment – 5.5 inches – has fallen on the 7MSN. But I am not complaining, just observing. Every drop of rain out here is a gift, and recently, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

The herd and I are a bit out of sorts over this soggy development. We're not quite sure how to act. I walked out to feed everybody this morning, and the sunrise was reflecting off of puddles! Now this might not seem a big deal for most of you, but the shelf life of a puddle out here is usually an hour, and these hung around over night.
The path from the back gate was under water.

George and Alan were not easily convinced
that it was me under the rain slicker.

Green is a good color on Smooch.

No matter how much there is to eat,
the grass is always greener on the other side.

Wynonna doesn't mind getting her toes muddy
if there's fresh grass to eat.
Don't look so worried, darlin'. The sun will come out tomorrow.


  1. They are all so cute. It's the simple little things like rain puddles we all need to stop and think about. Eat up kiddo's. Speaking of rain we just got a thunderstorm alert that is coming through. I would send ya some if I could.

  2. "Seattle by proxy"...hahaha...!!!
    The main difference, coming from a Washingtonian, is that we get that much rain over the period of one year, while you get it in three weeks :)

    That is one of the reasons that I want to move out of is always gray and drizzly. Actually it is usually more of a heavy mist that gets on EVERYTHING!!!

    Hang tight, Rancher Woman and her critters, this too shall pass ;)

  3. All that rain definitely brought out some nice color in your photographs.

  4. Whoa! That looks like my neighbourhood. Hey, is that my neighbour? Oh...nope...just Wynonna. Love that girl!

    Actually I thoroughly enjoy all your 4 legged companions. Those donkeys (mules? Is there a difference?) crack me up every time.

    Enjoy all that green stuff. I'll bet it smells great after all that rain.

  5. I laughed out loud when I saw the expressions on George and Allen in reaction to you in a slicker!

  6. Carolynn, a mule is a cross between a male horse and a female donkey.

  7. That pic of George and Alan is just classic! And your caption captures their expression perfectly.


  8. You must look pretty scary in a slicker, if they are looking at you like that!
    Love the green it does bring something different to the pictures.
    Just look at that face on my favorite girl Wynona, she is the cutest thing. Whenever I look at her face it makes me chuckle.

  9. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of George and Alan hanging back because they didn't recognize you :)
    Love it!
    They are sooooo cute!!

  10. Everyone looks SO happy!
    And it's obvious that you have really "gotten the hang" of the new camera. The photos are magnificent. So nice to see your artsy fartsy talents on display again -- and with such wonderful subjects. The back path underwater shot may be my favorite - because I refuse to choose between herd members.

  11. George and Alan are the cutest things I have ever seen - just seeing them cheers me up - Wynonna is a cutie as well. What a lovely furry family you have.

  12. And I thought it was up here! We're only about a mile apart from each other, right? You're in the desert and we're in the mountains. We've been getting rain almost every day, and the temps have rarely gotten above 80's all summer. And at night we are col in the low 50's....Hey! This is NEW MEXICO! What is going on, eh?

    Is this what happens in a climate change?
    We had hail storms and a frost in May and June and none of my fruit trees are producing.

    And just until the most recent downpours and thunderstorms has the grass been actually growing higher than 2" tall.

    In comparison, your area looks so green, lush and VERY un-desert-like. What are your temperatures like?

    Is this weird or what?

    I can't help ut notice that Hank's favorite place is beside his feed or water bucket. Sweet boy!
    And in that last photo, Wynonna is just luring me in to squeeze her cute wrinkly cheeks. I know she'd totally hate that, though! hehe

    Great pic of Smooch, by the way.

  13. Oh that is great, George and Alan giving you the big ears in the slicker!!

    And rain, rain...well here in the Northwest, our 9 months of rain is about to begin. So enjoy those puddles, the whole hour they last! They could stick around for 9 months! ;)

  14. What a hoot. They must be confused by all that wet stuff and your slicker.

  15. Just found your blog and am so glad i did, because you take the neatest photos!

  16. You have the best supply of critters to photograph at your place!!!!

  17. We saw a LOT of puddles up in Canyon de Chelly. We've seen standing water in AZ, NM, even UT (Monument Valley)! Yes, there HAS been a lot of rain this summer! The Navajo ponies are FAT!!!