Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The pig digs

When all is said and done, the Porcine Princess, mon petit fleur, is a pig. And pigs dig. It's what comes natural. Hence, Wynonna has always lived outdoors, quite happily I might add.

I had read horror stories of pot bellied pigs living indoors, rooting up the carpeting, opening the cupboards, raiding the refrigerator. I decided from the outset that Wynonna would be an outdoor pig. And she has never complained about her accommodations. She has her own bathtub, for cryin' out loud!

But Saturday, Miss Wynonna decided she needed another place to nap. So she began to dig herself a new hole.

How many pigs have you seen with such a cute little underbite?

This will do. I like the view.

Now let me get comfortable.

Almost there...

And just when she got all settled in,
Willie had to come over and give her a hard time.
Such is the rhythm of the ranch.

(Grey Horse – Wynonna's biggest fan – this post is just for you.)


  1. Thank you, any post about Wynona is wonderful. Just look at the cuteness of that picture of her with the underbite! I just think she is the coolest,cutest pig I have ever seen. And she does know how to pick the best spots for a nap or a bath for that matter. What a smart girl you can tell she's not just another pretty face. Thanks for the smile I've got right now.

  2. oh. my. she may be the cutest thing i have ever seen :-) add me to her fan club!

  3. That is what happens around here. I get settled in for a nap, and my two dogs decide it's playtime. I just love that pig. Adorable.

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE Wynonna!

    Say, she's looking a little thin in that last photo. Is our little flower on a diet...?

  5. Love the underbite...GREAT photo!!
    She is sooooo cute :)

  6. I think Arlene needs to get a pig and a donkey or two. I love Miss Wynonna too - She certainly has her priorities straight! I'll bet that dirt is not only soft but warm too - the equivalent of a piggy feather bed.

  7. I love how she fixed the hole so it perfectly fits her belly. :)

  8. Wynonna just rolled over from her morning nap to thank all of you for your love and unwavering support.

    Arlene, I think one of the greatest benefits of blogging is to make our new friends smile.

    JME, thanks for stopping by. Consider yourself added.

    Coloradolady, I think Wynonna is adorable, too. Can you believe some people don't? There was a construction worker on the property once who said, "that's the ugliest dog I've ever seen."

    Carolyn, our little flower is always trying to watch her girlish figure. She isn't on a diet right now but the minute her belly comes less than a hand width from the ground, look out.

    Tracey, Wynonna's always been a little self-concious about her teeth but I just couldn't handle the regularity of orthodontic appointments.

    Victoria, the new nap hole is near where the water flows out of the rain gutter...makes for easy digging when you're using a nose instead of a shovel.

    Billie, further evidence of Wynonna's brilliance - she did stop a few times to measure, then had to resume digging until it was just the right size.

  9. What can I say???? My kidlets are grinning from ear to ear :)

    Willie is pretty darn cute as well. What is not to like about a curious little goatley? Except when they jump on your car, or eat your favorite plants, or...just joking!

    BTW...you better keep a close eye on the neighborhood riffraff!

  10. Your animals never fail to make me smile. Wynonna is hysterical.

  11. Oh no! Who Freed Willie??
    (hehe. I just couldn't resist that one!)

    Wynonna is a doll! But her face covered in brown dirt looks too much like my daughter's face after she's snuck into the chocolate frosting! Eeek!

    Your critter pics always make me smile. Can't wait to see them all person one day soon :)

  12. I am Wynonna's second favorite fan. She is a lucky pig. I too have read horror stories about pigs in the house and can't imagine my girls in the house. They are....well...PIGS.

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