Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Hour with the Herd

The week is over. Amen to that. It's time for happy hour.

It's not quite the same as in the olden days, when I was a yuppie and the most important decision of the week was "where should we go for happy hour? Georgetown? Old Town? Washington Harbor?" Today I don't even have to ask the question. I know the answer is always "right here, right in my back yard."

Happy hour begins around 6:00. Smooch and I have just finished our daily walk around the perimeter of the ranch, checking fence. I walk into the corral. The boys are counting down the hours 'til I turn them out to graze again– there is so much grass to eat now, they are all on a restricted grazing schedule. While Hank and Lyle bide their time, they choose to spend their time with me. How cool is that?That's me, standing on top of an upside-down stock tank taking pictures. Don't I look tall? I'm not. But taking pictures as the sun sets sure makes me look that way. I must do this more often.

George and Alan are busy playing Jolly Ball while Hank and Lyle are competing for my attention. Hi, guys!

This is the view from the top of my perch.

Everybody's enjoying themselves until Hank has to go and show George and Alan who's boss.

Wait...what's this? Hank decides to give George a little grooming?

George doesn't look too sure about the whole thing, but I'm pretty pleased to see the Big Guy making nice to the little ones. Just another reason I love happy hour.


  1. I had a late happy hour tonight, around 9, with husband, glasses of wine, and horses eating hay in the paddock before wandering out to the field for the evening.

    Rafer Johnson took hay right from the pony's mouth. More surprising, the pony let him!

    Rafer then moved Keil Bay off one pile of hay but backed down to Cody.

    It was total herd order chaos out there. But peaceful and easy and a nice way to end our day.

    Love those photos!

  2. I would love happy hour love that! Wow it got green!!!

  3. Look at all that beautiful green! I can't believe how lush it is there right now!

  4. I am lovin Happy Hour at your farm, and I am wondering If taking my picture in the sun set can make me look skinnier as It made you look taller -haha!
    Have a great weekend :)

  5. OK I have to admit I was scared when I first looked at that top photo! Your shadows look just like a Tarantula! Eight legs and all!Gah!
    Hey if you can see turtles in the clouds, I can see large hairy spiders in shadows, k! hehe

    Wow, you've sure got some long pretty legs there. :)

    As you might know, I'm 6 ft tall. If I stand like you did, my shadow would resemble the Beanstalk (remember Jack and the beanstalk?)
    haha :)

    Tijeras, NM

  6. What fantastic snapshots. The burros are playful - they must be really entertaining. Just found your blog - like it very much...i'll be back.

  7. Great way to spend your Happy Hour :)

    I think that Hank and Lyle look like circling sharks, in the picture of them circling beneath cracks me up!!!
    They look a like dazed and confused sharks, but sharks none the less.