Sunday, July 6, 2008

A perfect ending to the weekend

The sun sinks slowly in the west, and Smooch and I are pausing and reflecting on the porch. We do this alot. Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and think about how lucky and blessed I am to be able to live this life.

Pretty stinkin’ perfect, isn’t it, Smooch?


Hmmm...funny how all my animals sound like taciturn cowboys. I couldn’t possibly be projecting... nah.


  1. Beautiful photo!!! I have a dog that I could swear it sounds like anytime I ask her a question she relplies with Disney's Hamster Dance song. "Dutadee da-da dadoe-doe." Projection, maybe, but I hope not.

  2. Gorgeous! Any chance of some sunset photos? =)

  3. yes, you are so lucky to be living out there. I absolutely cannot wait til we move there. But until then, I can't wait till Aug for our vacation out there and to see those beautiful skys and mountains and mesa's again, and family.
    Thanks for the great pics.

  4. Great picture of a beautiful sky and a wonderful dog. You sure are lucky to live the life you love, what a great spot on the porch to relax at the end of the day.

  5. It's good to appreciate when life is good. Smooch and you on the porch - beautiful.

  6. Perfect coloring, perfect lighting, perfect background, perfect dog name, and perfect text. I really love this post.

    I can feel Smooch soaking up the sunshine and the end of a long hard day. All this photo needs is a soundtrack with some acoustic guitar. Maybe a little Willie Nelson, I dunno. Red-headed stranger comes to mind.

  7. That late day sunlight is simply gorgeous!

    I'm glad you're having such lovely days.

  8. Another perfect ending to a great day on 7MSN.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.
    And smooches to Smooch!