Monday, June 30, 2008

Views from 7 miles south of nowhere

Here are a few more glimpses of what the middle of nowhere looks a prolonged drought. Mercifully, the juniper trees are always green and save my sanity in times like these. If this picture had audio, you would hear the dead grass crunching under my feet.

This little quarter-mile road at the far western edge of my ranch has a slight upgrade, soft dirt and no rocks – the perfect training ground for out-of-shape, sometimes-cantankerous horses named Lyle who get up on the wrong side of the stall some days. Yesterday comes immediately to mind.

Flashback to the summer of '06, mid-August, mid-monsoons. Green grass, tall as my knees. Ok, I'm short, but still, it was a sight to behold.

I doubt the .1" of rain that fell Saturday will make any difference, but there's a 20%-30% chance of rain all week, and a neighbor is throwing a big outdoor bbq on the 4th. Surely that will make it rain.


  1. I just love your blog and really love all the pics.
    I CANNOT WAIT to move out there. It's just heaven on earth to me. My dh is from there and all the family still live in NM. We are going out in Aug for our annual visit and of course to get chilies :-)and I never want to leave. Auhhh, hopefully soon, we will be in the land of enchantment for good.

  2. Your photos are amazing. I'll wash my car and hope for rain for you. :)

  3. BBQ and July 4th - I'm not much of a gambler, but I'd put money on rain for sure.

  4. ...And here I have been complaining about all of the rain that we have been having! Your last post got me thinking about cameras and the person who is behind the camera: "...Good's not about the camera." I think that I often get rushed--or at least fell rushed!!--when I am taking pictures. I really need to stop and take my time; to enjoy and live in the moment, and not just when I am taking photos! Funny how a random comment on someone's blog can make you realize something about yourself:)

  5. A bbq and a newly washed car = rain. Good luck and hope you get a downpour. The pictures are great.

  6. I swear it always rains here on the 4th too! And bummer, because it's been gorgeous and hot all week.
    I liked the picture of the ranch with the talllllll green grass. Can't believe it's the same place!
    Such lovely land. You really have those wide open spaces I am so craving!!

  7. I LOVE your exercise road! What gorgeous photos.

    And re: cameras - I still love my old Nikon FM I got for photography school when I was 19. I looked at the F2 but it was so big for my hands - the FM fit perfectly.

    Now I use a little Sony digital my husband bought me. It lights up my blog but I do still miss the FM when I'm actually taking the photos.

  8. Well, it's raining on our 4th bbq. Of course, it's not raining at our house, but that's not where the bbq is. *grin*