Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh, the indignity of it all...

If you own a gelding or stallion, there comes that inevitable time of the year when sheaths must be cleaned. Today was that day at the 7MSN. I moved a couple of corral panels onto the horse porch to create a safety chute, grabbed a new bottle of Excalibur, got the water temperature just right, and got it over with. Hank was a perfect gentleman about the whole procedure. Lyle did his share of kicking until he got used to my hand and the water from the hose being in places they normally don’t go. Lucky for you all, the camera battery died after I took this picture of Hank during the “let it soak in” step.

Today’s ride on Lyle was better than yesterday’s. I’m amazed by just how good he is after such a long time off. His backing up has never been so snappy and he’s doing turnarounds that he’s never done before. Almost makes me think he’s been watching through the window when I’m watching all my favorite shows on RFD-TV. Where did he learn this stuff?

I am taking the next week off from work and should be able to ride him every day. I can't wait to see where seven or eight days of consistent riding will take us.


  1. It is good to hear that Lyle is really taking to getting back in work. His backing up and turnarounds sound great, are you sure it's not because of the squeaky clean sheath! Just kidding. Hope you have a great week off and a great week of riding.

  2. Thanks, Arlene. And just for the record, the sheath cleaning happened after today's ride!

  3. I have been reading some of your previous posts. Very nice!

  4. So glad you had an even better ride today!

    It's about time for The Cleaning of the Sheaths around here too. Keil Bay is totally fine with that procedure and allows me to clean in the barn aisle, the barnyard, or even the field with no halter or lead line.

    Cody... he's getting better but he doesn't exactly like it and he does need the halter and lead rope to remind him he's to stand still.

    The pony? No way. My daughter has worked with him so that he allows her to do it, but he doesn't want me anywhere near that part of his anatomy and I respect that. :)

    We let the vet do Cody and the pony when they get their dentals (and are sedated) just to make sure things get truly cleaned a couple times a year.

  5. Okay, having never owned a horse, I had no idea that any such chore existed. Aaack! I won't be buying any gelding or stallions! Aaack!

  6. It's really not that bad, Karen. The key is to do it when you're absolutely positive nobody will be dropping by and completely out of sight of any neighbors. God forbid someone should see you doing this who is not familiar with the chore. There'd be some serious explaining to do.

  7. Ha ha! I can imagine. I guess you have some industrial strength rubber gloves, too?

  8. BWAHAHAA! I love your advice on when to clean the sheaths! hehe

    Now I'm grateful to have my mare. She actually likes when I wash her 'back there'. hehe

    It's a little weird to see a mare 'winking' at a male, though. The first time I saw it, I said "Ahhhh! Now I know where the term 'winking' comes from!" hehe

    Oh, and I just thought, I'd introduce myself. I'm a neighbor of yours living just a wee bit north of you, off of NM 217 in Sedillo, NM.

    I saw your post on Pony Girl and said, "GREEN CHILE?" She must be from New Mexico! Yahoooo!

    We've got to go riding sometime!

  9. Such brave fellows- I hope they got a treat when they were done. I wonder if using the clicker would make it easier? Every time I'm faced with one of those gee-I-wish-I-didn't-have-to moments, I try to break it down into little steps with the clicker. I just thought about your glove on the stick and I had to laugh.

  10. Well there, do you want to head on over and clean My Boy's while you're at it? ;) I just can't imagine that I would get all the goo out of all the right places. I think I will leave it up to the vet the first time and watch and take notes, then maybe I could try it next time....I will say that My Boy sure does need a cleaning, though!