Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Morning Munch

I love mornings. I am a morning person. I go to bed at 9 every night just so I can get up with the sun and spend the first hour of the day with my animals. I hope you'll be able to hear how quiet it is in these pictures, except for the munch-munch-munch in each of the stalls.


  1. Beautiful! I can "hear" the peaceful sounds of the animals munching, snorting, sneezing, and chomping on their hay. I wanted to let you know that my kids think that the post with the video of your little piggy and goatley-- the one where we get to hear her lovely squealing and lip smacking!-- is hilarious! They giggle the whole time, and replay it ALOT.

  2. Horsey mommy, if your kids think the pig eating video is funny, just wait...I recently set up Wynonna's summertime bath tub and will soon be making a video of the porcine princess taking a dip.

  3. I love the sounds of the morning munchies. How peaceful and contented everything sounds at the beginning of a new day.
    Can't wait for the princesses bath.

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful early morning pictures. I am not a morning person, so it's nice to see how beautiful that time of the day is!

  5. Daughter and I were just saying today that it is time to shift bedtimes earlier and rising times earlier so we can ride before the heat sets in.

    I love the photos!

  6. I am not a morning person in the winter. But when summer is around, I like getting up earlier and not wasting the day away. I really like the morning light in your pictures. I imagine it is such a peaceful, quiet, and special time to spend with your barnyard critters!

  7. Mornings on your ranch look so dreamy!
    I'm so not a morning person, but, when I have peeked outside early a.m. or gotten up to do barn chores early, I've been in awe of the beautiful light and peacefulness during the morning hours.

    But then I have to head back to bed! hehe

    Thank goodness for me that my hubby does morning barn chores and I get the evening.
    I guess I'm just a morning slug. Look at all that I'm missing....