Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hay Day postscript

A month or so ago, I posted about my tidy new super-heavy-duty green tarps on the front of the hay barn, perfectly sized and fastened down with official tarp bungee cords. The best laid plans... The recent winds have all but wrecked my new green tarps, and most of the grommets have ripped out. To maintain some semblance of order, I attached large, heavy logs to the bottom of the tarps to keep them from flapping in the wind.

When I tried to pull the tarp down off the roof to cover my new stack of hay yesterday, it wouldn’t budge. Hmmm.

Yep, it’s been unusually windy out here this spring. Excuse me now while I go cough. I think I have a case of green lung disease.


  1. Well, it was a creative attempt ...

  2. Am I seeing right, is that a log blown up on the roof? If so, I'll say you have some heavy winds there!I've heard the best thing for green lung disease is a margarita.

  3. Indeed...that is a log on the roof. It was either the wind or aliens. Never a dull moment in New Mexico.

  4. ahah! I was going to ask the same thing that Grey Horse asked, but I didn't want to appear silly. Of course, I shouldn't have worried because as I live in New Mexico, too, I do know well about these strong winds. We had gusts up to 60this past winter up here.

    And, well, you don't live all that far from Roswell. Aliens just seem to love New Mexico, don't they.

  5. maybe you DO need some cowboys:) I spoke to soon!