Sunday, May 11, 2008

A weekend at the 7MSN dude ranch

We aim to please here at the 7MSN and try to show our guests a good time. Before we make them help with the chores, we take them on a tour of the neighborhood.

These city slickers are my sister and brother-in-law, posing at the first tram stop – the remains of a homestead, just down the road a piece.

A little further down the road – and up the side of a cliff – is a spectacular array of rock art, or my own private petroglyphs as I like to call them. (I’ll share those with you later in the week.) I gave my lecture about listening for hissing and rattling sounds and watching where you place your feet and hands, then up we went.

No trip to New Mexico would be complete without a souvenir skull picture.

Cheap thrills in the Ranger.

What other tourist destination offers you the opportunity to pose with a dead rattlesnake strung up on a barbed wire fence?

Riding lessons are part of the deluxe package.

Nap time is from 2 to 4 pm.

Guests are encouraged to pursue their culinary interests. My brother-in-law makes a mean plank-grilled salmon.

No trip to the 7MSN would be complete without margaritas and Coronas on the porch.

And a good time was had by all.


  1. I'll take a margarita!

    What a great weekend - I'm looking forward to the petroglyph photos.

  2. Billie, here's a sneak preview of the petroglyphs. I just posted the set on my Flickr page.

  3. Mmmmm - I had a margarita on Mother's Day too. Looks like you showed your guests the best that New Mexico has to offer.

  4. The BEST sister; the BEST Dude Ranch; the BEST times playing with the herd; the BEST riding lessons; the BEST margaritas and culinary experiences; and the BEST Hostess -- Linda even "took" our colds from us graciously and now sits sniffling without any tissues because we used them all! Not many hostesses would do that. We can't wait to revisit and play (or do chores) again - if she'll let us come back when we're healthy.

  5. Where do I sign up?

  6. Oh goodness, what a fabulous trip for them, you are the hostest with the mostest! Are you starting a bed and breakfast? Dude ranch? Please??!!! I especially want to spend some time napping on that bench (but I'd keep my arm up....don't want to become a snake snack! :)