Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Say what you will about Martha Stewart, but...

...she loves her horses and all of her animals. Her blog features many animal stories, and she gives a glimpse to the non-horsekeeping public about the importance of equine dentistry, good farrier care, and such. Today she blogs about a new treatment for one of her Friesians. The post includes links to her other horse stories and she also has a link on the home page for all her "my pet" posts.

Her life is SO unlike mine or yours (OK, I'm assuming here). Imagine having a whole staff to help with chores! But from what I can tell, she is still worrier-in-chief when one of her animals is sick or injured, and she cries just as much as the rest of us when one of her beloved pets dies.

So if you want a glimpse of how the other .0000001% of America lives and cares for their animals, go check her out.


  1. Linda, I love Martha's desire to do things the "best" and most beautiful way, and mostly she does pull that off, imo.

    If I aspired to her standards w/o the money and staff she has, I'd go nuts, but over the years I have gotten many good ideas from her and I still love reading about how she does things on her farm. I hadn't see the blog, but I just went and read the animal posts - what a treat. I'm not sure Rafer Johnson wants to be showered once a month OR once a week, but I have to say the idea of bathing donkeys and horses in that lovely wash area made my day. :)

  2. I hadn't seen this blog. I'm absolutely nothing like Martha, and like Billie said would go nuts trying to duplicate her without a huge staff. I wonder where she finds time to write her own blog about the animals.

  3. Well, Linda, I'm betting that you have better tips for people about horses than Martha does. So, please stop by my blog and pick up your award!