Friday, April 18, 2008


The path from the first sketch to the final product was anything but straight. After many twists, turns and steps backward, I think I'm ready to call this done.


  1. It's pretty hard to pick a favorite. I liked all of the pictures from start to finish. I do think I like the finished product the best though and the surrounding frames look great.I'm sure they will look terrific when you hang them.
    p.s. I was glad to see that Alan is doing great with his hugs.

  2. I'm partial to the second incarnation, but they're all wonderful!

    I hope you'll show the finished product hanging on your wall!

  3. Glad y'all like the pictures. I'm going to have the the final version printed on canvas then gallery wrapped on a stretched frame. Sounds awfully pretentious for such humble creatures as Hank, Lyle, George and Alan, but they deserve the best. Should be ready in a few weeks - you can bet I'll post a picture of it hanging on the wall.

    Ponygirl, I'll swear you left a comment and I'll swear I hit the publish button but it seems to be floating in neverland. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. As for how I made the picture, first I used Photoshop to remove the backgrounds from the images; then I used the Sketch/Stamp filter in the filter gallery with black set as the foreground color and the bright color set as the background color. Then I opened each image in Adobe Illustrator and drew the frames for each.

  4. Great art work - thanks for sharing. I liked viewing the process. Can't wait to see it on the wall, and, you bet those guys deserve the best!
    Janet Roper

  5. How very southwest and darling!!!
    I have a thing for dunkeys ;o)

    My friend has a donkey and her (the donkey) is so cute and funny....and she helps with the cows.