Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hugs and a little heartache, too

The great news...Alan and I have been practicing our hugs alot.

The bad news...Lyle’s in pain. After his trimming last Sunday, he became less and less active. Wednesday, I could tell that he was footsore. And just when the vet, the farrier and I thought we finally had his feet figured out. Now he’s back in his hoof boots, confined to a small pen, and getting a little bute now and then to take the edge off. We think this will resolve itself in a week or so as his hooves start to grow a bit. It's sad to watch him standing in his pen as he watches Hank and the burros trot off into the pasture.

It’s always something with this little guy – ok, he’s not little anymore but he’s my Skippa Little Lyle. His seventh birthday is on Wednesday, and I’ll have all sorts of stories to post on that occasion.


  1. Look at that hug! What a great photo.

    I'm sorry about Lyle, but I'm sure those boots help his comfort level and the Bute too.

    We had some issues with Cody for awhile being sore after trims - he had very thin soles and the previous farrier was simply taking too much off each time. It was very stressful - one time he was sore for over a week. Our new guy is leaving the sole and letting it thicken up. Since we started with him Cody hasn't been sore and it's been 3 trims now.

    I've also heard some people say using Devil's Claw with MSM can be helpful when transitioning a horse from shoes to barefoot - helps with the tender stage. Not sure if this would work for you, but it's a possible alternative to Bute if you need something else to use.

    I use it with Salina for general joint issues.

    I hope Lyle feels better soon. Looking forward to his birthday post. (we have a bunch of April birthdays here - Keil Bay, Apache Moon, my husband, my daughter!)

  2. He is a sad little guy, but at least it's not for long. Great to see you and Alan hugging.