Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Group Graze


  1. Oh my gosh - if my husband sees these two photos we might be packing up and moving out your way!

    What gorgeous landscape and the herd is just stunning.

  2. The landscape here is pretty special...now if it would just rain again and get a little greener! New Mexicans learn to appreciate the many subtleties of brown.

  3. Our family took a trip out there several years ago and while we were there it rained a huge amount - we probably saw NM in a state it isn't often in, but wow, was it gorgeous.

    What's the hay situation like there? Easy to get? Trucked in?

  4. I will only feed good quality grass hay to my herd, so getting it is always a challenge. Most of it comes from southern Colorado – at a premium price, of course ($9 - $11 per bale). Last summer, I was able to find a grower in southern New Mexico who was selling Teff grass - I did a lot of research, liked what I read, rolled the dice and got really lucky. For 300 bales, it worked out to $6 per bale with delivery. The bales weigh 60-70 pounds and the boys LOVE it. I just talked to the same grower yesterday to reserve a new supply - fuel prices will affect the price, I'm sure, but this is such good hay I won't mind paying for it.

  5. Your prices are similar to ours - local being less, and buying from PA, NY, Canada obviously more.

    We love our local guy's organic orchard grass hay but after last year's drought he is setting aside hay for his cattle for the year before he offers any for sale - which he estimates won't be until June. It's normally April!

    We have another good source for hay from NY, but it's more expensive. Year-round availability, though.

    I am really wanting to build a hay barn/shed so we can buy for the entire year, or 2x/year.

    Thanks for the info - I have wondered what it would be like out west with horses and hay!