Sunday, March 23, 2008

The day the Easter Bunny died

Easter dinner was quite a success; everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and the smoke detectors didn’t go off once. The horses love having company, and my friend Kim brings out the best in Hank and Lyle.

And Kim’s daughter Ruby certainly captured Alan’s attention.

We were all sitting on the front porch...relaxed, mellow, enjoying the warmth of the sun in the late afternoon. Smooch came over to join us, noticed that the kids had left the garden gate open, and off she went. I was concerned but not panicked - I figured I could lure her back with a dog biscuit or two. I kept her in my sights as she raced around the ranch, running from tree to tree looking for something...who knew what at the time. Alan and George sensed something was up and came running from somewhere. Alan saw Smooch and instantly went on the offensive, chasing her before she could chase him. That’s when I started to get worried, not wanting equine hoof to meet canine head.

About this time the Easter bunny appeared – Smooch scared him out from under a tree and gave chase. Within the span of about 100 yards, Smooch caught the rabbit, picked him up by the scruff of his neck, and raced back to the front porch with this big old rabbit hanging out of her mouth to eat him, much to the horror of my dinner guests. Brave Kim put a head lock on Smooch and somehow managed to unlock the rabbit from Smooch’s mouth. Then she calmly picked up the dead Easter bunny and walked over and tossed him into the back of Sue’s truck. What a bizarre way to end the day. But we still all had a nice time and will be recounting this story for many Easters to come.

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  1. Whoa! That's like a scene out of a movie!

    Love the horses and the donkey so attentive to the little girl.