Thursday, March 27, 2008

A day at the vet

A planned trip to the vet is always better than an emergency trip to the vet, but not by much. The stress of getting there makes whatever actually happens there seem like no big deal. Amazingly, it was not raining, snowing, muddy or otherwise treacherous this morning --- just Bumpy...with a capital B. Someday someone will explain to me – in a way that makes sense – how and why dirt roads become washboards. To date, only men have tried to provide these explanations, hence I still don’t understand.

After 2 hours and five minutes and 80-something miles, Hank, Lyle and I arrived at the Albuquerque Equine Clinic safely. Yes, there are vets a little closer to the ranch, but since I’ve put my favorite vet’s kids through nine years of private school and am now contributing to their college fund, I feel a certain loyalty. As he was introducing me today to the new techs and a new vet, he said he normally doesn’t bother to do that...except for the five-star customers like me who rack up the frequent flyer miles there. Gotta love a vet with a sense of humor. I complained that he still hadn’t put a plaque with my name over the new surgery wing...I had paid for it, hadn’t I?

In any event, we xrayed Lyle’s front feet again to check the sole depth and overall balance - both feet are looking real good. The boys got their spring shots, and I brought home shots to give to George and Alan. Can’t wait.


  1. Oh my - the vet visits are stressful enough w/o having to drive to them!

    I'm glad it went well and that you're back home safe with the boys.

    We have a gelding (Rafer) and several dental flotations to get through, not to mention spring shots. I've decided to split all this into at least two visits. I don't want anyone to get spring shots on the same day they're sedated.

    I'm looking forward to having it all DONE and that's about the best thing I can say!

  2. Love a vet with a sense of humor. I think I've earned a few plaques over the years myself. Glad you all made it back in one piece over those washboard roads. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I appreciate it.

  3. A good vet is worth the drive, especially if he has a sense of humor. I still haven't gotten the nerve to do the shots myself. Are George and Alan good patients?

  4. Funny you should ask...I just posted about my current dilemma with Alan.

    I hate giving my horses shots but, like anything else, the more I do it, the easier it gets. Lyle's mom was my first horse, and she coliced regularly throughout her pregnancy. I had no choice but to learn to inject her with banamine to relieve her distress. I've even learned how to pull blood samples and give shots i.v. But that doesn't mean I'll be applying to vet school any time soon! I still get butterflies in my gut when it's my horse at the other end of the needle.