Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another day, another windstorm

Since I had to spend the better part of my day in the truck, then in Home Depot, then in Wal-Mart (and I despise Wal-Mart), at least I didn't miss out on any fun I could have been having back here. The wind is keeping me planted inside. The highlight of the day so far? I bought another power tool - a sander! Yee-haw! Last weekend, I picked up a load of barn wood, and there's been a lot of sawing and hammering going on ever since. Today, we sand. Tomorrow, we post pictures of our latest project. Bet you can't wait, eh?

A few years back, before I moved to the 7MSN, I would have been spending my Saturday wranglin' in the wind at Walkin N Circles ranch, a rescue facility for the unwanted horses of New Mexico. For as windy as it can be here, the wind was always howlin' there. But those horses needed to get fixed and fed despite the weather. And when the chores got done, I'd pull out my camera and take pictures of my friends. Since this one is full of blowing sand and dust, it seems only fitting to post it today.

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