Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring hopes...eternal

Seems like everyone I speak to is anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. This winter has seemed particularly harsh everywhere, though I’m not getting much sympathy for dealing with the bitter cold here since the sun is always shining and the skies are New Mexico blue no matter what the temperature. But I saw a fly on a fresh pile of horse manure yesterday, the jackrabbits have emerged and are driving Smooch into a frenzy, and the boys seem to be appreciating the longer days and the extra time I’m able to spend outside with them. Won’t be too long before I have new adventures in the saddle to write about instead of more adventures with power tools.

Alan and George love to play king of the hill. It’s not much of a hill, though, just a mound of dirt that got piled up when the house site was leveled.

Alan is featured today on the daily horse picture contest at . He’s such a star. Click on Today's Pictures once you get there to vote for him.

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