Friday, February 22, 2008

Buck is back...

...and the boys are a little troubled. Alan and George hung uncharacteristically close to the barn all day yesterday, and I suspected something was up. They seemed more playful than usual, perhaps out of boredom, since typically they spend their days wandering all over the ranch. This morning, the cause of their concern made himself known.

Hank put on his brave face and led his herd to get a closer look. I grabbed the camera and walked outside to watch the herd watch Buck. Since all pronghorn bucks look the same to me, who knows whether this Buck is the same Buck who hung out here last spring. But it was nice to see Hank, Alan and George joining up to face the stranger together and acting like a real herd – that was a first. Lyle, being Lyle, hung back to try to eat my camera.

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