Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why do we blog?

I can only speak for myself. I've always thought, and have even said out loud to a few folks, "I think I've got a book in me and some day I will try to write it." I look at my blog as practice for my great American novel.

The experts will tell you, "write what you know." Won't that be an interesting hodge-podge of a book? When I have my weekly phone call with my parents and I relay the latest ranch adventure, mom often says "you should write a book." Yeah, but who would publish it, let alone read it?

But blogs are harmless and nobody has to pay for them and I'm not forcing you to read this. Bottom line, blogs are about posterity.

Because this writing exercise began only recently, some of my best stories have been left unwritten. And since those are the stories I want to remember when I get old, I think I will start playing catch-up. Here are some of the story titles you might see in future postings:

1. "I saw you on the Jeopardy commercial" - life as a smartass
2. "I breathed the same air as Kevin Costner" - 14 years of climbing the corporate ladder
3. "Does her husband beat her?" - learning Judo
4. "Andiamo, andiamo" and "Legs on loan from the Lord" - bicycling in Italy and Iowa
5. "You don't want to be a secretary!" - how I decided to stop acting and start living
6. "Learning to two-step" - the happiest I've ever been and it showed
7. "She bought a pig" - Eureka! I prefer the company of animals to people
8. "I can do that" - from bartending to a sweetheart deal
9. "She's got such great bloodlines...why don't you breed her?" - becoming a horseperson
10. "She's the head wrangler" - my years of service at Walkin N Circles Ranch
11. "Hey, Hercules" - colt-starting with Ray Hunt
12. "Where is this place?" - Building the 7MSN Ranch


  1. As I continue reading every single post from the beginning I'm hoping that I get to read some on all of these subjects. If you haven't written them up yet, I sure hope you do!

  2. You have written about most of these but not #1 or #4. Wish you would.