Friday, November 9, 2007

From the end of the rope

Since George had no objections to wearing his halter, today it was time to start training him to walk next to me on a lead rope. First we worked on taking one step over with his hind leg when he turned his head toward me. He picked it up quicker on the left side than on the right. Once we had that down (more or less), I used a come-along lead rope draped over his hind end to encourage him to take a step forward. I think he understands the concept. I'll let him soak on it overnight and try again tomorrow.

Spent time alone with Alan in the small square pen, letting him take small pieces of carrot and apple off of the top of my leg. I can play with his muzzle but he's still not ready to let me rub his shoulders. That's ok - we'll take the time it takes.

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