Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 4 1/2

Never having witnessed burros at play before, George and Alan stopped me in my tracks a few times today. There was a lot of rearing, neck grabbing, leg grabbing, more rearing, Alan chasing George, George chasing Alan. It's really hard not to laugh when burros trot. Alan gets one step closer/one ounce braver each time I'm with them; he ever so briefly put his nose on my hand when I held it out to him.

The swelling from each of their geldings has gone down remarkably since Friday; however, something is up with George's incision. It may be infected and a piece of tissue or who-knows-what has emerged from the incision. I was able to take some closeup photos and have emailed them to the vet. I will call him this morning to see what I need to do. If it means hauling him to town in the horse trailer...let's just not go there.

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